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Important   As of July 2019, we are ending product support for all versions of Box for Salesforce that are older than the most recent available version.



The following article addresses some frequently asked questions about the Box for Salesforce integration.


What type of Salesforce license does Box for Salesforce support?

Box for Salesforce currently supports only one license type:

Standard User Licenses: Salesforce


This license type can and does frequently use custom objects in addition to the standard CRM objects.  Box has always supported custom objects, and likely always will.


Does the Box interface support custom Salesforce objects?

Yes, for custom objects you can build your own Visual Force pages. See Installing and Configuring Box for Salesforce for instructions.


If a user renames a record folder on Box, does the name of the Salesforce record change?  Conversely, if a user renames the Salesforce record, does the name of the record folder on Box change?

No. Renaming either the SFDC record or the Box folder does not change the record/folder name on the other platform.


What happens when a lead is converted to an opportunity?

See the Convert Lead Folder section of Installing and Configuring Box for Salesforce.


Does Box for Salesforce support seamless logins?

See the Enabling Seamless Login section of Installing and Configuring Box for Salesforce.


How does Box for Salesforce work on mobile devices?

See the Enabling Salesforce (Mobile) section of Installing and Configuring Box for Salesforce.


What restrictions can an admin place around Salesforce content in Box?

The user's Box permissions are determined by permissions in Salesforce.

  • Read/Write access on Salesforce translates to an Editor role in Box.
  • Read-only access on Salesforce translates to a Viewer role in Box.
  • The Box for Salesforce integration ensures all permissions are in sync.

To validate

  • Read/Write in SFDC = Viewer on Box
  • Read/Write/Edit in SFDC = Editor on Box

When users create a Box folder for a Salesforce record, they are added as collaborators and, therefore, only have access to this specific subfolder.  A user can see the folder path that leads to the record-specific folder without seeing any other content within those folders along the way.


More information:  What are the different access levels for collaborators?


Are Salesforce communities supported?

No, Box for Salesforce currently does not support Salesforce communities.


How can I customize the Box for Salesforce integration?

You can get a Box Salesforce Developer Toolkit that enables you to further customize the behavior of the Box for Salesforce integration programmatically. The Toolkit consists of several global APEX methods you can use to trigger and extend the default behavior:  Box For Salesforce: Developer Toolkit


There is also a Box SDK for this integration.


How do I uninstall Box for Salesforce?

  • First and foremost, to preserve any of the FRUP data, export it from your Salesforce instance.  That data gets deleted when the package is deleted.
  • Remove any Box pages added to page layouts.
  • Remove any Developer Toolkit customizations in your apex code.
  • Remove any references to the objects included in the Box for Salesforce packages in your Apex code.
  • Uninstalling the appexchange app does not delete data in your Box account.  However, any associations between records/folders/users are removed.
  • From Setup -> Build -> Installed Packages, click Uninstall on Box for Salesforce.

Additional Information

We look forward to receiving feedback about the installation process and the integration through the Salesforce AppExchange.

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