Box for Salesforce - Create Root Folder Button Not Working

You are setting up the Box for Salesforce integration and trying to create the root folder from the Box Settings page within Salesforce. You enter a name within the text box, click the Create Root Folder button, but nothing happens and a root folder is not created. 


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Troubleshooting Steps


In most cases, this behavior is caused by your enterprise having the Restrict Content Creation setting enabled.


  1. Please check to see if you have Restrict Content Creation enabled under the Content and Sharing tab of Enterprise Settings.
  2. If restrict content creation is enabled, please check to see if the user you've set as your "Box Service Account" on the Box Settings page in Salesforce is a co-admin or primary admin.
    • If this user is a co-admin, please ensure they have either the "manage users" OR "manage groups" co-admin setting enabled. You can check this by pulling up their email address in the users & groups tab of the admin console. 
      1. If the co-admin does not have either of these permissions checked off, at least one (or both) must be enabled for the root folder to successfully be created. 
      2. If one or both of these permissions are already enabled, please submit a ticket so we can further investigate.

If this user is the primary admin or Restrict Content Creation is not enabled, please submit a ticket so we can further investigate.


Root Cause


If restrict content creation is enabled and the Box Service Account is a co-admin, they must have either the Manage groups or Manage users permission enabled (or both). 



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