Using Box Drive on Mac OS

Learn about Box Drive's icons and features, specifically for the Mac OS experience!


Searching for files

To search your entire Box account, click on the Box icon in your Menu Bar and the search bar will open.

Alternatively, you can use the following keyboard shortcut: ctrl + option + cmd + space



  • Results will appear as you type in the Search on Box area. Search works the similarly to the search bar in the Box web application -- it will look for the specified it will look for the specified text both both inside the document and in  and in the document name.
  • Left-clicking once on search results selects them and shows the document information on the right.
  • Double-clicking items opens them in an appropriate program on your machine. When you open a file for the first time, the file is downloaded to your computer. After this initial download, files are stored in the Box Drive cache for quicker access.
  • Right-clicking a search result will allow you to choose to open the file on your computer, or open the folder that contains the item in Finder.

Note: Spotlight cannot search your Box Drive folder. Only the Box Drive Search Bar shown above will search in your Box Drive folder


Using Box through the Finder

The Box drive on your computer shows you all the same content as your All Files page in Box. The cloud icon beside a file or folder indicates that the item is safely stored in Box. The icons on a file or folder icon indicates the status of the item (see table below for icon information).


If your Box folder does not open by default, click the Box icon in your Menu Bar, then click the gear icon in the bottom right and select Open Box Folder.



You can open any file or folder in your Box directly from the Finder window (Box Notes will be opened in your default internet browser). You can also get a shared link for a file or folder directly from the Finder window by right-clicking the item. You can copy the link to your clipboard (and paste it later into an email or other message), or you can choose Email Link to launch your email client. Selecting View on will launch your browser and prompt you to log into Box.



Using Box Drive within Other Applications

When you're working on a file in another application, you can save it straight back to any folder in Box using Box Drive by saving the file to your Box folder. From the Save As screen, click Browse, then select the Box folder (see screenshot below).



Box Drive Icons

Items in your Box folder will display certain icons indicating their status. Below is a list of icons and what they mean:


Item is up-to-date in Box

Item has been marked as a problem item. For a list of problem notifications and more information on how to resolve them, click here.

Item is being saved to Box

Item has been locked by another user

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