Support Information

Box Notes is supported on the following browsers and versions:
  • Mobile browsers (via
  • iOS Safari and Chrome
  • Android Chrome
  • You can open and view existing Box Notes on
  • Box for Android: Box Notes is supported on Android KitKat 4.4 and higher.
  • Box Notes is not supported in Internet Explorer 7/8/9: Customers using IE7, IE8, or IE9 will not be able to access Box Notes and will see a Browser not supported message. We recommend using another supported browser. See our master list of supported browsers.

Reporting Behavior

Box Notes are included in Admin Console Reports.
  • Creating a new Box Note is recorded as Created or Uploaded.
  • Viewing a Box Note may be recorded with File Opened and may sometimes be accompanied by a Download.
  • Edits (and annotations) made to a Box Note are recorded as Uploaded. For edits (Uploaded), the user recorded for the upload is made every 30 seconds; see the Version Behavior section below for details.
  • Deletes of Box Notes are recorded normally as action Trash.

Version Behavior

Box Notes creates a new version of each note in Box every 30 seconds, and lists the author as the person who made the most recent edit. Thus, if two people are making edits simultaneously in a note, the person who made the last edit will be recorded as uploading that version. Box provides a complete log of activities in Box Notes upon a request to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or to

Known Limitations

  • Maximum number of people editing a note at the same time: 20 
  • Once the limit is reached, any new users will see a snapshot/read only view of the note
  • Recommended maximum content:
  • 200 pages of text (about 500,000 characters)
  • 100 items in a list
  • Images up to 20 MB
  • If these limits are exceeded, the product may act unexpectedly, including lag while typing or browser tab crashes.
  • Shared links to Box Notes that have the "Require Password" option set or that are in folders that have the "Require Password" option set are not supported at this time. In this case, the Box Note will not load.
  • Box Notes cannot be used in folders that have the Hide Collaborators security property set
  • If an admin has the "Restrict content creation" enterprise setting turned on, the new Box Note button will be disabled because Box Notes creates new notes inside a folder at the first-level.
  • To auto-update the desktop app, it needs to be in a writeable location. If you've specially configured your desktop operating system to not run as an administrator, you may repeatedly see "Box Notes has been updated. Please restart the app." at startup. The workaround is either to log in as an administrator or update the app manually by downloading the newest version.
  • Table object is not editable in Box for Android.



Can admins mass deploy the app? How?
Yes. On Mac, the app is available as a .zip and on Windows as an .exe. We are working on a Mac .dmg installer and a Windows .msi installer. Admins can use existing mechanisms to mass deploy the app with these installers.


How do users install the app?
Users can download the app from at this page


What are the supported desktop app operating systems?
Mac: The two most recent OS versions
Windows: 7+ (the app is a 32-bit build but runs on both 32 and 64-bit systems)


How do the installers work?
The only permission it requires to install is the ability to add new applications; it does not install any system extensions or things that require administrator access.


Does the desktop app store notes offline?
Not at this time, but are considering this functionality at a later date. At this time, no notes are stored locally by the Box Notes desktop app (they may however separately be stored locally by Box Sync)


Can I double-click a file in Box Sync or Box for Desktop and open it in the Box Notes desktop app?
At this time no. Double-clicking a file in Finder or Windows Explorer will open that note in a web browser.


Can you change the location of where newly created notes are stored?
Not at this time.


How do I get to the parent folder of a note?
You can click on the name of the parent folder in the left-hand sidebar notes list, in the row of the note. You can also click on the 'More options' menu (looks like 3 dots on the right-hand corner) to also get to the parent folder.


Does the Box Notes desktop app support web proxies?
Depending on how it is setup, yes. Under the covers, Box Notes uses Google Chromium and Electron to connect to Box Notes. Chromium relies on various OS libraries to try and automatically detect proxies. At this time there is no way, however, to manually configure it in this regard.


What does a company need to consider to ensure it works within their firewall?
We'd suggest making sure these URLs are whitelisted:


How will the desktop app be updated?
We will push updates on a frequent basis (roughly weekly) silently to the application. You have to quit and re-launch to get the update.


What happens when a user is deactivated or deleted?
If open and online, the desktop app will disconnect within 60 seconds. If open and offline, only the current note and few notes viewed very recently (and still in the cache) are viewable. If closed, upon launch the desktop app will not login and will display a login prompt.


Does Box Notes work with Device Trust?
Yes. If an admin has Device Trust turned on for their enterprise, their users will not be able to log into the Box Notes desktop app if the computer it is installed on does not meet the Device Trust requirements.
For Device Pinning, the Box Notes desktop app falls into the "Browsers and Other Applications" Application Type and allows unlimited devices per user.


Can an admin block usage of the Box Notes desktop app?
Yes. The controls in Admin Console -> Enterprise Settings -> Apps apply to the Box Notes desktop app, and the desktop app will appear in the app gallery on that page along with radio buttons for making the app available or disabled.


What constitutes a 'recent' note? What factors / date range make a note display in the new sidebar?
When you create or open a note, it is added to your recents list. We display the 1000 most recent notes.


License Information

See license information for software used by Box Notes.