Keyboard Shortcuts

Box provides keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate our web application.

Note: New Box Experience

This page refers to the new Box experience. In Box, hover over a single file or folder with your mouse. If the item looks like the following image, you are in the right place.


Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.

If the item does not look like the image above, visit one of the links below instead:

For actions related to an item, select the item before pressing the shortcut. You can view a list of all keyboard shortcuts in the web application by pressing Shift?


Item Actions:

+ c / Ctrl + c Copy selected items
+ v / Ctrl + v Paste copied items in current folder
+ x / Ctrl + x Cut selected items
Shift + d  Download selected items
Shift + m  Move selected items
Shift + s  Share selected item
Shift + c  Invite collaborators to selected item
Shift + r  Rename selected item
Enter  Open selected item


Item Selection:

Select previous item
Select next item
Shift + x Select current item
Shift + Add previous item to current selection
Shift + Add next item to current selection
+ a / Ctrl + a Select all
Esc Deselect all



/ Jump to search field
] Next page
[  Previous page
Shift + g, then Shift + a Go to All Files page
Shift + g, then Shift + f Go to Favorites page
Shift + g, then Shift + m Go to Messages page
Shift + g, then Shift + c Go to Collaborators page
Shift + g, then Shift + s Go to Synced page
Shift + g, then Shift + t Go to Trash page



Shiftb Create new bookmark
Shift + n Create new folder
Shift + v Switch between grid view and list view


Box Notes Shortcuts

To open a list of available keyboard shortcuts in Box Notes: 
  • On a Mac, press Command and ?
  • On a PC, press Control and ?

⌘/Ctrl + <

Decrease font size

⌘/Ctrl  + >

Increase font size

⌘/Ctrl  + E

Center text

⌘/Ctrl  + J

Left align text

⌘/Ctrl  + + X

Check/uncheck checklist item

⌘/Ctrl  + + O

Show/hide comments

⌘/Ctrl  + + U

Show/hide sidebar

⌘/Ctrl  + + 1

View recent notes

⌘/Ctrl  + + 2

View favorites

⌘/Ctrl  + + 6

Toggle checklist

⌘/Ctrl  + + 7

Toggle numbered list

⌘/Ctrl  + + 8

Toggle bulleted list
⌘/Ctrl  + + 9


⌘/Ctrl  + + N Create note
⌘/Ctrl  + + A Add annotation
⌘/Ctrl  + K Add hyperlink
⌘/Ctrl Z Undo
⌘/Ctrl / Toggle keyboard shortcut legend
⌘/Ctrl + + + B Play Battle Notes

Box Drive Shortcuts

To search your entire Box account with Box Drive, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts: 

  • For Mac: ctrl + option + cmd + space
  • For Windows: ctrl + alt + shift + b
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