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How To Track Your File Versions With Version History

by on ‎12-16-2014 05:13 AM - edited 2 weeks ago by (66,277 Views)

Version History is best way to track your file's previous edits in Box.  This tool allows previous versions of files to be stored all in one place, allowing you to quickly find and restore previous versions of your content. 

Note: Old Box Experience

This page refers to the old Box experience. In Box, hover over a single file or folder with your mouse. If the item looks like the following image, you are in the right place.


Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.

If the item does not look like the image above, visit one of the links below instead:

How Version History Works in Box

  • Any time you edit or upload a new version of a document, Box overwrites the old version with the updated version. There’s no need to rename the file as “Document Title_version2”.
  • A new version will also be added to the version history if a file is uploaded and has the same name of a preexisting document in the same folder.
  • Box keeps track of your old versions, so you can always pull them just in case. The newest version is displayed but all old versions are saved in the version history
  • You may upload a new version with a different name. Restoring to a previous version will change the file's name back.
  • Renaming a file does not create a new version of that file.


Viewing Version History in Box

You can view the version history of a file by clicking on the 'V' below the file name or when previewing a file. You can open the version history window through the More Options menu (... Properties > Version History).

The version history window will show you all versions of your file, with the current version at the top. You also have the options to "Download" or "Remove" (X) a version. You can also revert back to a previous version by clicking on "Make Current".



How many versions can I store for a file?

The number of versions kept within the version history depends on the account level of the file owner, as well as the settings decided upon by your account administrator. By default, the number of saved file versions is as follows:

  • Personal Free - Unavailable* 
  • Personal Pro - 10 Versions
  • Starter - 25 Versions
  • Business/Business Plus - 50 Versions
  • Enterprise - 100 Versions
  • Elite - Unlimited

*10 versions are stored, however upgrading to Personal Pro or above is required to access the history 


Account administrators can limit the number of file versions that are saved under the Custom Setup tab of your Enterprise Settings. Click here for more information. 


How do version numbers work with shared links?

  • Anytime you send a shared link, the link will always point to the most updated version – even if you updated the file after you sent it.
  • No need to worry about those typos you spotted after you sent the email!


What happens when I've reached the version limit?

When a file has exceeded the version history limit, the oldest version of the file will be removed.  In the version history window, this file version will show as being removed by the file owner. The version is kept for a number of days depending on your enterprise's trash auto-delete settings, before the version is permanently deleted. While the version is removed but not yet permanently deleted, it cannot be accessed or restored.


Do file versions add to the size of the file?

  • Versions will not add to the size of the file. The file size will only be changed based on the edits and modifications you make to that file.
  • For example, if you edit a 2.4 MB file, and add a 3 MB photo, the file size will be increased only by the 3 MB photo, making the total size around 5.4 MB.