Box's FTP option now supports the ability to preserve files' original created and modified date/timestamps during an FTP transfer to Box. These timestamps will be visible on Box to satisfy compliance or regulatory requirements.  See Understanding Box File Timestamps


Caveat: Most FTP clients support the ability to send a file's original modified timestamp during a transfer, however most DO NOT support the ability to send both the original modified AND created date/time during a transfer. We have identified at least one FTP client which does support both types of timestamps during transfers: SmartFTP


SmartFTP is a Windows-based FTP client which offers a free 30-day trial version of their tool.


Installation instructions are below:


When using SmartFTP with the intention of preserving original created/modified dates/times, it is important to adjust a default setting to have the client send this information to Box during the transfer.

  1. Launch SmartFTP and go to Tools > Settings...:

  2. In the Settings menu, select Favorites from the left panel and then Edit under Default Favorite:

  3. From the left panel, select Files and choose Enabled under both Keep Create Time options:


For more general information about Box FTP, please see our Using FTP with Box article.