Enter your feedback and click the Add Annotation button (the speech bubble). The text you’ve annotated will be highlighted with a yellow background and will display your annotation whenever another user hovers over the highlighted text. Text with multiple annotations will be highlighted in a brighter, deeper yellow. Annotations can only be left by collaborators with Editor or Co-owner access levels.


When hovering over an existing annotation, you can click Add Reply to respond to an existing annotation within the same text range. This action does not send an email notification, it appends additional text to the existing annotation.


You can also leave a comment on the entire document. Click the Comment Icon in the top right to open the Comments sidebar.  Enter your comment, then click Post. You can use @mentions to tag someone in a comment. Simply type the @ symbol, followed by their name or email. Tagged users will recieve a notificiation. 




Inserting Images in Box Notes

You can insert images into Box Notes by dragging and dropping them from your desktop. You can also insert links to external images from any site. 


Insert an image in one of two ways:

    1. Drag and drop an image from your desktop into a Box Note. This is the fastest and easiest way.
    2. Click the Insert Image button in the toolbar, and choose either Add image from your computer or Add image from the web.
When you upload images from your computer, the images will be stored alongside the note in a folder called Box Notes Images > "Note Name" Images. They are inserted into the note using Shared Links with your account's default access type.