Introducing Box for iWork


With Box for iWork, you can create, preview, and collaborate on Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files right from within Box. You can:


Create, preview and edit iWork files in Box

  • Work on iWork files within the Box web app (from a Mac or PC browser), with all changes automatically saved in Box. Easily access prior versions.
  • Previews make it easy for users to review selected files before opening and add comments for collaborators without needing to download the file. 

Collaborate in real-time on iWork files stored in Box

  • Create a new iWork file directly from Box, and invite team members to collaborate. 
  • When you open the document in iWork on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, see who is currently editing the document in real-time, and simultaneously make changes to a single document as a team.

Here is an example of how it works:


Enabling Box for iWork



  • Desktop Integration:
  • Mobile Integration:
    • iOS 11 or later
    • Pages 4.0, Numbers 4.0, and/or Keynote 4.0 or later
    • Box for iOS v4.3.0 or later
  • iWork Online Integration:
    • Mac: Safari 9 or later, or Google Chrome 50 or later 
    • Windows: Internet Explorer 11 or later, or Google Chrome 50 or later


Enabling Box for iWork for Personal/Free Box Accounts:

  • Open your Account Settings by clicking your profile image in the upper left corner (by default this will be your initials) and clicking Account Settings
  • Navigate to the Integrations tab. 

iwork 1.png

  • Check both boxes in the iWork files section to enable the integration. The first check box enables real-time collaboration on iWork files, and the second enables iWork files to be previewed in Box. 


Enabling Box for iWork for Enterprise Accounts

  • Open the Admin Console
  • In the left panel of the Admin Console window, click Enterprise Settings
  • At the top of the Enterprise Settings window, click Apps.




  • Under Productivity Integrations, check  iWork Collaboration and iWork Previews. The first enables real-time collaboration in iWork documents, and the second enables you to preview iWork files in Box. 


Using Box with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote


Creating New Files from Box

You can create a new iWork file from the Box web application by clicking New in the upper right corner, and selecting the type of file you'd like to create. 


New Menu.png


Open Files Stored in Box

From your desktop:

Opening a file from your Box Drive folder will automatically open the appropriate iWork program. If you cannot see the Box folder in your Finder sidebar, make sure Box Drive is running.


You can also use the Open menu in the appropriate iWork application to choose the file you'd like to open. Any changes you make to files already stored in Box will automatically be saved back to Box. 


From Box: 

Click the file to preview it in Box, then click Open in the upper right corner. Select the program you'd like to use to open the file. 


Open With.png


Saving a File to Box

To save a newly created file to Box, simply save the file locally into Box Drive or upload to your Box account online. For existing files in Box, the file will be saved automatically back to Box.


Add or Manage Collaborators

While working in an iWork document, you can invite new collaborators and manage existing collaborators, just like you would in a Box Note or Box folder.


To invite collaborators: 

  • Click the Collaborate button in the upper right. This will open the Box Collaborators page in a new window. 

iwork 3.png

  • Click Invite Collaborators

iwork 4.png

  • Enter the names or emails of collaborators you'd like to invite. When you are ready, click Send Invites

In the Collaborators window, you can also modify Collaborator permissions or remove collaborators. Click here for more info. 


Box and iWork Online


From the Box web application, you can open iWork files using iWork Online. Preview the file you'd like to open, then click Open in the upper right corner. Select the "on the web" version of the program to open the file in your browser. 


Open With.png


While working in your browser, any changes will be saved automatically back to Box. Use the Box web application to invite collaborators or share the file.  


Box for iWork - iOS


You can use Apple's iWork mobile applications to create and edit documents stored in Box.

Make sure that your device has the following prerequisites: 

  • iOS 11 or later
  • Pages 4.0, Numbers 4.0, and/or Keynote 4.0 or later
  • Box for iOS v4.3.0 or later


Opening iWork Files from Box

To launch an iWork mobile application from Box for iOS:

  • Preview an iWork file in Box by tapping on it
  • Tap the Open in... icon
  • Choose to open the file with the appropriate app.

Files that are opened from Box will be saved back to Box by default.


Opening Files in Box from iWork Applications

To open files located in Box from an iWork app:

  • Open the appropriate iWork mobile app
  • Tap Browse
  • Under Locations select Box
  • Select the file you'd like to open. 

Saving Files to Box from iWork Applications

To save a file to Box, simply choose Box under Locations, and save the file into the appropriate folder in Box. 


Invite Collaborators

To invite collaborators into an iWork file from the iWork application:

  • Click the Collaboration icon in the upper right

iwork 5.png

  • This will open the Collaboration and Sharing window. In the Invite tab, search for the name or email of a  collaborator you'd like to invite, and select their names below. 

iwork 6.png


Send a Shared Link

To send a shared link from the iWork application:

  • Click the Collaboration icon in the upper right

iwork 5.png

  • This will open the Collaboration and Sharing window. In the Link tab, tap Enable Link. You can modify the shared link settings below. When you are ready, tap Copy Link to copy the link to the clipboard. 

iwork 7.png


Known Limitations

  • The iWork integration supports files up to 1 GB in size. If your file is larger than 1 GB, use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for Mac or iOS to reduce its size before trying to open it from
  • The Box Collaborators page may not work for customers that block requests to This only affects files opened through Box Edit, Box Drive or iWork Online and does not affect iWork for iOS users. 
  • Box Edit and Box Drive do not support iWork files saved as package files. If your iWork file is a package file, use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for Mac or iOS to save the file as a single file and re-upload the file to Box. 
  • To display collaboration options within the iWork program, Box Edit users may need to manually enable Box Edit Finder Extension under System Preferences > Extensions > Finder.