Box for NetSuite is an integration that bridges the gap between your organization’s content in Box and data in NetSuite, a fully integrated cloud system for managing enterprise resource planning (ERP), financials, customer relationship management (CRM), ecommerce and inventory. By linking record-specific folders in Box to NetSuite records, your team can access relevant files from Box while in NetSuite, plus work with this content in other Box apps like DocuSign and FedEx Office.


Box for NetSuite consists of two parts: the Box Files tab and Box Embed, an embedded HTML5 framework within the NetSuite record. The Box tab on each record lets users access Box files within NetSuite, without having to open a new browser window or tab. The HTML5 interface is how you’ll work within record-specific Box folders within NetSuite.


What use cases does Box for NetSuite solve?


  • Marketing/Sales – For NetSuite CRM, the ability to distribute collateral to sales
  • Sales – For NetSuite CRM, the ability to collaborate with customers and store proposals and contracts directly in the NetSuite record
  • Finance – For NetSuite ERP, the ability to collaborate with partners and suppliers, and to store contracts directly in the appropriate NetSuite record
  • Finance – For NetSuite ERP, the ability to store images such as invoices and associate them with a supplier record
  • Marketing – For NetSuite CommerceSuite, the ability to collaborate on marketing assets that will be used on the commerce website
  • Any customer using NetSuite can now leverage the power of Box without having to leave the NetSuite interface. This is also great for companies that need to share content with employees who do not have NetSuite licenses.


What does the integration allow me to do?


  • When a NetSuite user navigates to a record, a folder with that record name will be created in Box, within the “NetSuite” root folder
  • The integration leverages HTML5 to give a rich user experience that allows the NetSuite user to:
    • Navigate through their entire Box account
    • Drag and drop files for quick uploading
    • Preview content in Box from within NetSuite
    • Leverage over 200 Box apps
    • Use Box Edit to update documents in Box from within NetSuite
    • Comment, share and assign tasks on a document
    • Plus more – all the functionality of Box is available within Box Embed


How do I get Box for NetSuite installed?


  • Customers interested Box for NetSuite should work directly with their customer success manager.


I have multiple instances of NetSuite. Can I install Box for NetSuite and link them to a single Box account?


  • This is not a supported configuration.  Each Box enterprise/business should only be linked to a single instance of NetSuite (e.g. production, sandbox, etc.)


How can I learn more about this integration?