Sharing Files and Folders with Slack

What is Share with Slack?

The Box for Slack integration enables users to share both files from Box directly into Slack.  A Slack user can import content from Box, or share a link to content with Slack.  Slack can detect a shared Box link and prompt a user to authenticate their Box account and automatically import Box shared links moving forward. 


How to install Share with Slack

1) Sign in to your team’s Box account here
2) Sign in to your Slack account with your Slack credentials
3) Add the app here and click the "Add" button
4) Click 'okay' to grant Slack access to your Box files


Using Share with Slack

1) Share files directly from Box with Slack by clicking the "More options" button. Select 'More Actions' and then select "Share with Slack."  Click "Okay" to proceed and share the Box file with Slack


Share with slack - 1 

2) Select which Slack group you want to share the file with, set permissions and add comments.


Box for Slack - 4


3) Post file in Slack - imported files will be automatically updated when the corresponding Box file is updated. Imported files are searchable and shareable in Slack and will continue to be stored in your Box account. 

Box for Slack - 5

4) You will receive confirmation in Box that you successfully sent your file to Slack.

Learn more about Box for Slack on the Slack support site.
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