Send Documents for Signature with Adobe Sign

With the Adobe Sign integration, you can send pdf documents to collaborators for their signatures straight from Box's Preview window. 


This integration is enabled by default. Enterprise administrators can disable the integration in the Apps tab of their Enterprise Settings. See Enterprise Settings: Apps for more information.


To send a document for signature:

  • Preview a file by clicking its name.
  • In the upper right corner of the preview screen, click Open.
  • Click Adobe Sign.

  • Grant Adobe Sign access to your Box account by clicking the Grant Access button.
  • Log in with your Adobe ID or Google account. You must have either an Adobe ID or a Google account to use this integration. Note: users with a Google account or free Adobe account are limited to a total of 5 sent documents.  
  • The Adobe Sign integration will open in a new window. Enter the email address(es) of the person or people whose signature you require. You can also choose to set a password that the recipient will need to input in order to access the document.

  • If you check the box marked Preview, position signatures or add form fields, you can add or reposition the signature field on the document. You can also add additional form fields.

  • Click Send when you are ready to send your document out to be signed.


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