Enabling and Configuring Box LiveApp for Quip

The Box LiveApp for Quip provides admins visibility into how Quip accesses and manages Box content.


You must be a Quip admin to install a LiveApp. 


Note   Content permissions in the Box LiveApp for Quip strictly follow Box permissions. 


To get the Box LiveApp for Quip

  1. From your Quip interface, click the user icon and go to Manage Sites and Applications > Business Portal.
  2. Click Applications and Templates, and from the options that display go to Get More Live Applications > App Exchange.
  3. Download the Box LiveApp from the app store.
  4. Install from the Quip App Exchange.
  5. Follow the prompts.

This enables the Box LiveApp integration for everyone in your Quip enterprise instance.  You can also limit access to the Box LiveApp to just everyone in your enterprise, and no one else.


To limit access to the Box LiveApp for Quip to only people in your enterprise

  1. Open the Box LiveApp for Quip.
  2. Click Settings. The Setting box displays.
  3. Enter your organization’s Box Enterprise ID.
    You can enter multiple enterprise IDs, if you want.
  4. Click Save and Close.

It is also possible to remove the integration from your enterprise.


To remove the integration from your enterprise:

  1. Go to admin.quip.com
  2. When the page displays, go to Manage Live Applications > Third Party Applications > Uninstall Application

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