CipherCloud offers a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) integration for Box, giving IT admins deeper visibility into files on Box and the ability to apply DLP policies for preventing unauthorized sharing of sensitive data without prior approvals. For example, IT admins can prevent documents with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in Box from being shared externally.


CipherCloud for Box also provides malware protection by blocking infected files from being uploaded into Box. Additional features include: multiple policy enforcement controls, on-demand scanning and powerful reporting capabilities.


How does it work?

  • CipherCloud scans documents upon upload into Box. Files that violate policies are moved into a separate folder for admin action.
  • Enterprise admins can use the CipherCloud interface to define rules for content in their Box enterprise account – for example, social security numbers should not be shared externally – and receive notifications via email or in CipherCloud when a document or user action violates the rule
  • The admin can have actions such as prevent share, quarantine or other customizable security options performed on the documents
  • The admin can release the document once it has been cleared for compliance
  • CipherCloud scans Box content continually to look for violations of the set policies and report out on policy violations through their admin dashboard


What is the end user experience?

  • Users will notice CipherCloud only if they violate a rule specified by the admin. For example, if a user uploads a document containing SSNs into Box, the document is immediately moved into an admin access only folder for admin review. The original upload folder will contain a tombstone file notifying user that their document has been quarantined.
  • The integration aims to preserve the simple and intuitive user experience. As long as no violations occur, users will not notice presence of CipherCloud.


What type of customers will benefit this integration?

  • Organizations in highly regulated industries that use Box for documents with sensitive content or departments charged with handling customer data or other sensitive data
  • CipherCloud includes out-of-the-box compliance templates for PCI (payments cards industry), GLBA, HIPPA and Sox, as well as templates for credit cards, SSN, bank routing numbers and more


Which devices are supported?

  • Because CipherCloud runs in the background, any device that is supported by Box is also supported by CipherCloud


How do I get access to CipherCloud for Box?

  • CipherCloud for Box is available as an on-premise solution. It can also be deployed as a virtual server in a private cloud environment (e.g. AWS).
  • Box admins should contact their Box sales rep for additional information