Box for Microsoft Teams

The Box for Microsoft Teams integration allows customers to use Box as their cloud content management solution through the familiar interface of Microsoft Teams. Users can easily share and access content stored in Box from within Microsoft Teams.

Note: This integration is only available to Business-Level Box accounts or higher. Users must also have an Office 365 account to make use of this integration. 


Installing Box for Microsoft Teams 


This integration is installed entirely through Office 365/Microsoft Teams. Click here for more detailed instructions.


Box will appear as an option under Add Cloud Storage. Click it and log in to your Box account to grant Microsoft Teams access. After logging in, Box will appear under Cloud Storage in the left hand side bar. 


Disabling the Integration for your Enterprise


This integration is classified as an unpublished application. Box administrators can disable this integration in the Apps tab of their Enterprise Settings. Simply check the box labeled Unpublished Applications under Third Party Applications







Note: Checking this setting will disable all unpublished apps for your enterprise. If you would still like to make use of specific unpublished apps while restricting their use broadly, you can mark exceptions by entering their API keys in the text box.



Microsoft Teams admins can disable the integration through their Office 365 settings. Click here for more info.


Using the Integration


This integration can only be used from Microsoft Teams. You cannot access Microsoft Teams from within the Box application. Click here for more detailed information.


The Box for Microsoft Teams integration allows users within Teams to:

  • Share files from Box to channels in Teams
  • Add folders stored in Box to a channel's Files tab
  • Upload files to Box
  • Open content shared from Box


Security/Compliance Considerations


By connecting to a third party service (Microsoft Teams), your use of that third party service (Microsoft Teams) is subject to Microsoft's applicable terms of use and privacy policy.


Some other things to keep in mind when using the integration:

  • Once the integration is enabled, Microsoft Teams may access files stored in Box.
  • Storage of any information created and maintained through Microsoft Teams, such as commenting (in Teams) on content shared from Box, will not be replicated to or stored in Box. 
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trying to use this interface but it keeps locking when trying to add a file.


using Mac 10.14.4, Teams desktop app. 

from within channel discussion, clicking on the Attach button (paper clip) and select Box. brings up 1st level folder list from box. click on folder name to open folder and Teams hangs up and eventually quits.


any advice would be great.