Box For Jive: Overview And FAQs

Jive is an enterprise social business software provider that brings together social networking and collaboration tools for internal and external communications like intranets and forums. With Box for Jive, you can quickly and easily share and collaborate on files stored in Box from inside the Jive platform – making the entire team more efficient when they’re away from Box.


With the updated integration on Jive 7, comment streams are synchronized – when a comment on a document is made in Box, Jive, or the Jive extensions for Microsoft Office, the comment streams will be synchronized across all areas and the team will always have the most updated version. In addition, user permissions will be uniform for content and comment streams across both products.



Who uses Box for Jive?

  • Organizations that need to share documents, are interested in social mobility or the social enterprise, or teams that create a lot of content (e.g., marketing departments) all benefit from Box for Jive. 


What are some uses cases Box for Jive can help with?

  • Social workflow: Commenting, discussions and assigning tasks around content and people so individuals and teams can be more productive in their work.
  • Content sharing: Content, including large files and rich media, can be easily accessed and updated outside company firewalls and shared with partners, customers and suppliers in Box for Jive.
  • Marketing content creation and sales portal: Content can be easily created by a marketing team, staying up to date with the latest version and content, and then shared with a sales team by using Box as a sales portal.


Is this the first time Box has been integrated in the Jive platform?

  • No, Box extended an existing integration with the new functionality. Box for Jive has allowed users to quickly and easily share and collaborate on files from within Jive, and the updated integration will let users do this in more places within Jive and Box.


What’s the difference in the old vs. new integrations?

  • With our most recent integration built on the Jive 6 platform, users were able to share Box files from Jive. Users could choose to attach a file from Box anywhere in Jive by adding an exclamation point (Jive !Apps functionality). A popup window lets the user navigate to a file or folder within Box and add a shared link wherever they are creating or editing content.
  • The updated integration on the new cloud-based Jive platform (built on Jive 7) includes the same functionality, and adds the ability for synchronized comments and user permissions. This deeper integration keeps files and comments up-to-date, regardless of what device the user is using or the business application they are in (i.e., Jive or Box).


What types of users is it available for?

  • Box for Jive is available to all Box Enterprise and Jive 7 users at no additional cost.
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