How can I view my payment information?

Please note that only owners of personal accounts and primary administrators of starter/business/enterprise accounts will be able to view billing information. Managed users will not be able to access this information.


  1. Sign into your account as the administrator.
  2. Visit: (you can either click this link or type it into your browser.)
  3. Scroll down to find the Account information, Billing Information and Payment Methods sections of your account. This page will display your current account type, invoices and payment method as well as other useful information.  Below is an example screenshot of what this section looks like:



Can I have my invoices sent to me via email automatically?

This option is only available to accounts that pay via check/wire/ACH currently. Since invoices are viewable from within in your account, we do not send out invoices automatically to credit card payers. Please see the below link for more information about invoice delivery options:

How can I create a folder for my invoices from Box?