Using Insights in the Admin Dashboard

Insights is an administrator dashboard that provides a comprehensive view  of your organization’s Box usage, storage, and deployment statistics.


This gives you a fast, simple way to understand how your people are using Box, which should help you more efficiently manage Box usage in your organization. For example:


  • See where Box is accessed globally, so you can deal with unauthorized logins and ensure regional deployments are active
  • See which Box integrations are being used, so you know which tools are being adopted for which business processes.

Other questions you can quickly answer include:

  • What is the trend of my user activities?
  • Is usage growing?
  • From which locations are people accessing Box? 
  • How much storage is being used? 
  • What are the most popular third-party applications?

User Activity 1.PNG

Using the Insights Dashboard


To access your Insights dashboard, from the Admin Console, in the lefthand navigation, click Insights.  The charts and graphs display automatically, giving you a quick visual of recent user activity, storage, and other helpful statistics.  These charts and graphs include:

  • Users
  • Total storage
  • Groups
  • User activity
  • Most used third-party applications
  • Geographic activity
  • Hourly activity


Using these graphs to better manage your Box users


  • Users tells you in real-time how many provisioned users there are, and how many available seats there still are for your Box license.
  • Total Storage calculates in real-time how much content is stored in Box.
  • Groups displays in real-time the number of departments and groups that are using Box.


User Activity Zoom.PNG 

User Activity gives you detailed statistics around how your people are using the content they access.  For example:

  • To see how many people used Box at any given time, move your pointer anywhere along the graph.
  • To change the date range of this graph, click the Last Days down arrow and select 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • To see user activity in more granular fashion, click the All Activity down arrow, and choose from:
    • Downloads
    • Edits
    • Logins
    • Previews
    • Uploads
  • When you select one activity, the graph displays just that activity.  To configure the graph to display two or more activities, click Add.  Then click Select Activity and click the next activity you want to see.  Repeat this process to see a third activity, and so on.
  • To delete an activity from the graph, click the down arrow next to that activity and then click Remove.
  • To see additional information about user activities, click View More. This enables you to see details of user activity such as user names, actions, file names, dates, and times over a span of 90 days.
  • To see the same additional information for a particular day, click View Daily Report.

User Activity 2.PNG


Note   To export the data that the graph displays, click the download arrow.  Box downloads a .csv file of the data to your computer.  Download Arrow Highlight.PNG



Top Third-Party Applications tells you what other applications your people most commonly use with Box, such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google, and so on.
Using Graphs - top third-party apps.png


Geographic Activity shows you where your users are by highlighting locations from which they did any of the following on content in your account:
  • Downloads
  • Edits
  • Uploads
  • Previews
  • LoginsGeo Activity.PNG




Hover over a circle to see the number of total user activities in that city. Larger circles represent a greater amount of activity in that city or region.
Using Graphs - geo activity 2.png



  • This data includes both managed and external users. 
  • Some third-party applications may log events as occurring at their server locations rather
    than at the user's location.


Hourly Activity gives you a global view of hourly activity in the past seven days, 24 hours a day.  To see the total number of users in any given hour, hover over a circle.
Using Graphs - hourly activity 2.png

To download a Geographic Activity report to your Box Reports folder, in the Geographic Activity window click the download arrow. This report combines a record of user activities, IP addresses, and locations.


Geo Activity.PNG


Note   Earlier versions of the Admin Console dashboard displayed user login activities and individual storage usage.  You can still easily get this information by running a user report. 
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