Running the Platform Activity Report

The platform activity report enables you to monitor on demand your organization’s consumption of platform resources. Using this report can help you:

  • verify resource consumption for yourself, saving you the time and hassle of reaching out for support from anyone at Box
  • figure out more precisely how your people are adopting Box and integrating it into their daily work routines
  • determine the growth or success of any applications your organization may have built on the Box platform
  • ascertain the overall value your Box investment is returning
  • identify your most used integrations
  • see how many custom apps are being built


The Platform Activity report is a downloadable .CSV file, accessible from your admin console via the Reports tab. The report displays your organization’s resource usage in the form of API calls. (Each time someone uploads, downloads, modifies, or access a file, he or she generates an API call. For technical details on how Box executes API calls, go to


The report aggregates resources from all services – that is, from Box applications, from third-party integrations (such as Slack or Salesforce), and from any custom applications your organization may have developed. Providing this information increases transparency and enables you to understand how you’re using the Box ecosystem.


Note: This report includes API calls originated by both managed users (people who use the Box app or an app that is integrated natively with Box, such as Salesforce) and app users (people who use Box with an app your organization has custom developed).


You can get two platform activity reports:


  1. A current activity report that provides daily usage from April 1, 2018 to the present.  Displays data as daily totals, measured once at the end of each day (that is, around midnight Pacific time), so it is current up to and including the prior day.
  2. An historical activity report that provides archived monthly usage from January, 2017 through March, 2018.  Displays data as discrete monthly totals.  (Box does not maintain historical data on a daily basis; the date listed on this report represents information for that entire month, as of the last day of the month.) 


Understanding Platform Activity Report Data


The reports provide a range of data:


  • API Calls measures the total calls associated with uploading and downloading content per app user or service account per day.  It does not count failed uploads or downloads,.  It displays totals for the whole enterprise, per app.
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU) provides a total of the number of active platform users (app users+service accounts) in your enterprise per calendar month.  Box defines a "user" as any app user or service account who makes an API call within the reporting window. 

MAU is an aggregate daily total, retroactive to the beginning of each month, and each month re-sets to 0.  Here's an example: There are 100 active users on Monday, 100 on Tuesday, and 100 on Wednesday. If you generate the report on Tuesday, it reports on your Monday total, so MAU = 100.  If you generate the report on Wednesday, it adds your Monday and Tuesday totals, and that sum is the value for both days, so MAU = 200 for Monday and 200 for Tuesday. If you generate the report on Thursday, it totals up your active users for all three days, so MAU = 300 for Monday, 300 for Tuesday, and 300 for Wednesday.


Finally, MAU is not broken out per individual application (Salesforce, Slack, a custom app, and so on).  


  • Storage measures content stored, in bytes, per app user or service account.  Does not measure multiple versions of the same document; only counts the final version.
  • Bandwidth measures the bandwidth, in bytes, used in the completion of all the API calls. 
  • Chargeable indicates whether an application is "chargeable."  Chargeable apps typically are apps customers themselves have written to solve a problem unique to their installation.  Customers pay specifically for these custom apps.  Apps that are not chargeable are included in a customer's initial license of Box, along with a limited number of API calls. 

Except for MAU, both reports also display usage broken out by application (Salesforce, Slack, Box Sync, any custom app, and so on). This helps you, for example, examine resource consumption to see how quickly your people are adopting a new Box service, or measure how many API calls a custom app is making. 


Accessing the platform analytics report


To download a platform activity report:

  1. From your admin console, in the lefthand navigation click Reports.
    • The platform activity report and the historical platform activity report are at the bottom of the list of reports that displays.
  2. Click Export for the report you want.  When prompted, click Export again. The report downloads into your Box Reports folder. The report title is “platform_analytics” or "historical_platform_analytics" with a date stamp appended to it. You can treat the report as you would any other file in your Box account.
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