Large Scale Deployments: Box Sync

This article contain important instructions and considerations for administrators who want to deploy Box Sync to a large number of computers. 



You can install Box Sync by downloading and running the appropriate Box Sync MSI. Before running the MSI, install the corresponding prerequisites listed below it.


Box Sync 32bit MSI

See for more information about performing silent MSI installs.



Administrators can install the Box Sync DMG file for Mac users within their network.
Deployment differs based on the bootstrapper installation. View the /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/ directory to check if the bootstrapper is installed.
If the bootstrapper is already installed in the user's system, the user can download and run the Box Sync DMG file at a later time without requiring administrator access.

If the bootstrapper is not installed in the user's system, follow this process:
  1. Copy the application bundle to the desired install location on the user's machine.
  2. Copy the bootstrapper from the application bundle to /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/.
  3. Run the following command at the root level: sudo <path to bundle>/Contents/Resources/ --install


Long Term Supported (LTS) Installers for Deploying Box Sync

These versions of our Box Sync installers are designed for admins who store installers for long-term use. For each new Box Sync release, we will ensure that these Long Term Supported Installers (LTS installers) can properly upgrade to the newest version of Box Sync upon launch. We will release new versions of LTS installers on an as-needed basisWe will notify you ahead of time when a new LTS installer will be released so that you are aware and can make adjustments accordingly.  
If you plan to store and use the MSI later or if you are preparing a disk image, we recommend that you use the Long Term Supported installers from the following links. 
For Windows:
For Mac:

Box Sync LTS Installer for Mac (v4.0.7901)


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