Enabling the New Box User Experience for Your Enterprise

We've recently launched an updated user experience in our web application, making it even easier to work in Box. With an updated, more personalized user interface and a completely re-built back end foundation, you'll be able to find your content faster, view your content more conveniently, and collaborate more efficiently.


This article describes how to enable the experience for your enterprise. For more detailed information, see the full Admin guide here.


Enabling the Experience


As the admin of an enterprise or organization, you have complete control over how this new user experience is deployed to your users. You'll find the controls to enable or disable the new experience for your users in the User Settings section of your Admin Settings (Admin ConsoleGear Icon (Settings)Admin Settings). 


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Admins have three ways to turn on the new experience, depending on their needs and the needs of their organizations:


  1. Test Out the New Experience
    • Use this method to enable the new experience for a single user. Simply copy the URL displayed in the box and paste it in your browser. This link will activate the new experience for anyone who follows it.  Users who turn on the new experience by following this link will be able to switch back to the current experience at any time.
  2. Allow Everyone to Try
    • Use this method to let your users opt-in to the new experience on their own. Enable this setting to display a banner message to your users in Box, prompting them to enable the new experience. If dismissed, the banner will re-appear every three days. Users who turn on the new experience this way will be able to switch back to the current experience at any time.
    • New Box Experience - Webapp Prompt.png
  3. Go Live
    • Use this method to activate the new experience across your entire organization. All your users will be brought into the new experience. If you enable this switch, users will NOT be able to switch back to the current experience. 


  • If you would like to prevent your users from using the new experience, even if they already have the link to enable the new experience, please contact your CSM or open a ticket with Box user services.
  • If the you enable the last setting, Go Live, all users will be forced into the new experience. If you then disable that setting, all users will go back to the state they were in. For example, let's say 20% of your users are using the new experience, and 80% are using the old. You enable Go Live, pushing 100% of your users to the new experience. You then disable the setting. Your users will revert to the state they were in before you enabled the setting, meaning 20% or your users are using the new experience, 80% are using the old.


Communicating Changes

Once you have enabled the new experience for your enterprise, you can use this template to communicate the changes to your end users. This template includes instructions on how your users can revert to the legacy experience, as well as the date on which they will be unable to switch back. There are also links to relevant help articles and Box Education curriculum.  

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