Note: Some features on this page may be limited to certain Box packages. For descriptions of different packages and their features, please visit the Box Pricing page. 


To navigate to the Custom Setup tab, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Admin Console and select Settings, then click on Custom Setup. 


Company Profile


To start your Custom Setup, enter your company name, then create your custom Box URL. Your users will navigate to this URL in order to log into their Box accounts.


Tip: Keep your URL short, sweet, and relevant to your company so that users will remember and recognize it easily!


Custom Settings


To seamlessly integrate Box into your company processes and workflows, you can customize the branding and messaging that both managed and external users will see when they interact with your company content in Box. 


To begin customizing your Box account to reflect your company, click and drag the toggle next to Enable Custom Settings, to the right.




You can custom brand your Box account with your company logo and color scheme. Simply upload an image of your logo and select your primary and secondary brand colors. These will replace the default Box logo and color scheme throughout the Box product and Box email notifications, so managed users will experience the look and feel of your brand instead of the Box brand. 


For further customization, you can click on Advanced Settings and select colors for Header Rollover, Header Text and Links. 

Note: Branding extends to shared links and external users as well.


Login Page 


Use this section to write a custom message that your managed users will see before they log into Box. The header and text you input here will appear beneath the email and password prompts on the login screen when managed users navigate to your custom Box URL.

Note: Login messages are capped at 2048 characters.


Footer Text 


Use this section to customize the footer text that appears in all help boxes in all managed accounts.  

To enter customized text, type it into the provided fields next to Text and Link Text. If you would like a hyperlink associated with the Link Text field, please enter the complete URL address including http:// into the the Link URL field. The footer will display in the questions icon help box underneath the product feedback textfield.



Support Contact Information 


You can change your contact information and direct your managed users to your company's own support Helpdesk or IT department. This will appear underneath the footer text (if any) and the product feedback text box. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.12.44 AM.png


System Email Signature 


When users take certain actions in Box, such as adding a collaborator to a folder or assigning a task, these actions trigger automated notification emails on their behalf. 


You can add an email signature to these types of emails with additional information. This is frequently used for legal or privacy notices, but can be customized to show any message depending on your needs.


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.44.15 AM.png


Embed Widget Customization


The Box Embed Widget lets managed users embed files and folders from their Box account into another website - transferring all of the security settings you put in place. 


By default, when your managed users use this feature, they will see the Box logo. It is currently not possible to replace the Box logo with your company logo, but you can remove the logo altogether. 


To remove the Box logo from the Embed Widget, click and drag the toggle next to Disable Box Logo, to the right.


For more information on the Embed Widget, please see this article here:


File Version Limit


Using the File Version Limit setting, you can limit the number of historical versions that will be saved for your files. For example, if you limit the number of file versions to 5, only the 5 most recent versions of a file will be restorable in a file's version history. When a file has exceeded the version history limit, the oldest version of the file will be removed. In the version history window, this file version will show as being removed by the file owner. The version is kept for a number of days depending on your enterprise’s trash auto-delete settings, before the version is permanently deleted. While the version is removed but not yet permanently deleted, it cannot be accessed or restored.



  • The number limiting file versions does not include the most current version of the file. For example, if you limited the number of file versions to 1, you would still have 2 versions of the file, the current version and 1 most recent version.
  • The maximum number of file versions you can save corresponds to your Box account type:
    • Personal Free - Unavailable* 
    • Personal Pro - 10 Versions
    • Starter - 25 Versions
    • Business/Business Plus - 50 Versions
    • Enterprise - 100 Versions
    • Elite - Unlimited


Terms of Service


Note: Please reach out to your customer success manager if you would like this setting to be enabled for your account. 


You can require managed users and/or external users to review and accept a Terms of Service agreement before accessing your company's content in Box. 


You can also create separate Terms of Service agreements for managed users and external users. 


To add a Terms of Service for managed users: 

  1. Click and drag the toggle next to Enable for Managed Users, to the right. 
  2. Add the Terms of Service text you want them to read prior to logging in.

To add a Terms of Service for external users:

  1. Click and drag the toggle next to Enable for External Users, to the right.
  2. Add the Terms of Service text you want them to read prior to logging in.


When you’ve created your Terms of Service, the next time users log into Box, they will need to Accept the Terms of Service before they can proceed to their accounts (if they are managed users) or have collaboration access (if they are external users).

  • Users will be asked to re-accept the terms of service if you turn off this feature, then turn it back on.
  • Users will not be asked to re-accept if you simply change the Terms of Service text.

Note:  Terms of Service agreements are capped at 65,000 characters.

When you're done with Custom Setup, remember to click Save to push your changes live to users.