Using Box In Virtual Environments

Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit and Box for Office are supported in select virtual environments, subject to a few known caveats. Administrators should test Box applications in their virtual environment before deploying to production to verify they will work. Please see the matrix below for the supported configurations and caveats.
Configuration Box Drive Box Sync Box Edit Box for Office
Published apps No* No* No Yes**
Remote Desktop No* No* Yes*** Yes
VDI (persistent) Yes Yes Yes  Yes 
VDI (non-persistent) Yes No Yes Yes
Known Caveats:
Box Sync and Box Drive only work if they are running on the client PC (not on the RDS/Terminal Services Server), and client drive mapping from RDS/Terminal Services server must be enabled to save content into Box Sync/Drive.
** If Microsoft Office is being deployed as a virtual app, Box for Office will only work if properly packaged to be accessible in the virtual app environment. Consult with your app virtualization provider for the appropriate way to package Microsoft Office Plugins.
*** Box Edit app needs to be running on the RDS/Terminal Server and the browser used has to be running there as well
In virtual environments, only Box Edit admin installs via the MSI installer is supported. 
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