User Research and Surveys

At Box, we’re always pushing ourselves to create the best products to help you get work done. But there’s one thing we need more of in our design process: you. That's why we're putting together Box's User Research Panel, a group of users who can provide insight into their experience with Box products, and give feedback about our newest ideas.


What is Box's User Research Panel? 

As a member of Box’s User Research Panel, you’ll be able to participate in our product research and give feedback to help us design and build what's next for Box. You'll not only be one of the first to see new ideas and innovations from our Product Design team- you’ll help shape them with your direct feedback.


How do I sign up?

If you’re interested, sign up here


What kind of feedback am I going to be giving?

We’re looking to include our users at every stage of the design process. This can mean anything from answering a quick survey to testing a new prototype to 1-on-1 conversations with our product design team. There’s lots of ways to get your voice heard and influence Box’s future.

How often will you be contacting me?

Don't worry; we’re not going to flood your Inbox. You won’t hear from us about a research initiative more than twice a month.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at


Box Net Promoter Survey

The Net Promoter Survey is a widely used, standard methodology for measuring user satisfaction in a way that is quantifiable and actionable. Box strives to create products that end users and administrators love, and this survey is used to collect feedback that feeds directly into our product planning process.  The survey is presented as a pop up in the Box Web Application and asks users how likely they are to recommend Box to a colleague or friend. It also solicits feedback on areas the user feels Box’s products can be improved.
The Net Promoter Survey is sent to a small random sampling of Box end-users at regular intervals in order to give Box a balanced perspective on user satisfaction across our entire user base.  The feedback gathered is used to design new features and enhancements to existing features.  Participation is optional and users will not be repeatedly surveyed.
We are dedicated to maintaining the security and trust of all Box users.  Data collected from the Net Promoter Survey is handled carefully in accordance with the terms specified in the Box Privacy Policy.  Box employees from a variety of disciplines review the data in order to improve Box products and services.
If you have additional questions about the Net Promoter Survey, please contact your Box account team or Box User Services.
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