Box Drive and VMWare Horizon Writable Volumes

In addition to supporting certain virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, Box Drive provides enhanced support for non-persistent VDI environments – specifically, VMware Horizon writable volumes.  This means you can, for example, persist Box Drive application data so your people can simply log in to Box Drive and quickly access files they've opened previously.
This is important because non-persistent VDI environments have a reduced storage footprint but lack persistent data.  This negatively impacts the user experience – for example, by forcing you to log in to all your apps each time you log into your computer.  Box Drive works seamlessly with VMware Horizon writable volumes, which means you get a reduced storage footprint with your VDI environment AND you can persist key data to give your people a seamless working experience.
There is nothing you need to configure.  Box Drive automatically detects when it’s being used with VMware Horizon writable volumes and makes the necessary configuration changes.  
For more information, including technical support, please visit the VMWare Web site.
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