Automatic Expiration for Collaborators

Depending on your organization's Enterprise Settings, collaborators may find that their access to a folder is set to expire after a certain period of time.

Note: Old Box Experience

This page refers to the old Box experience. In Box, hover over a single file or folder with your mouse. If the item looks like the following image, you are in the right place.


Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.

If the item does not look like the image above, visit one of the links below instead:

If a collaborator is set to auto-expire, a clock icon will appear beside their name in the Collaborators sidebar. You can hover over the icon to view a collaborator's expiration date. 

autoexpire - 1

Before a collaboration expires, the owner of the corresponding folder is notified (by email), assuming this notification setting is turned on in your organization's Enterprise Settings.


Extending Collaborator Auto-Expiration

Folder owners have the ability to extend the auto-expiration date for a collaborator.


To extend a collaborator's auto-expiration date:

  • Click the collaborator's name in the Collaborators side bar to enter the Collaborator Management screen
  • Click the clock icon beside the collaborator whose auto-expiration date you'd like to extend.
  • Click Extend Access

autoexpire - 2

  • A confirmation message will be displayed with the new expiration date.
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