Using and Managing Box Capture

What is Box Capture?

Capture is a mobile application that uploads photos and videos taken with your mobile device directly into Box, making it easy to share content no matter where you are.
Currently, Box Capture is only supported on iOS devices. You can download and install it from the Apple App Store. The application is available in all Box supported languages.

Using Box Capture

Capturing Images, Videos, and Audio Files

  • Select the type of media you want to capture. Tap Photo to take pictures, Video to capture video, or Audio to record audio (you can also use Box Capture to scan documents, see "Scanning Documents" below for more info). If it is your first time using Box Capture, be sure to give the app permission to use your camera and microphone by tapping Allow when prompted. 
  • By default, Box Capture will save your captured content to a new folder named "Capture Uploads" (located in "All Files"). However, you can choose to upload your image and video files to any folder in your Box account.
  • To change the destination of your captured content, tap the Folder button near the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the folder where you'd like to save your content and tap "Use this Folder" to select the folder you are currently in.
Capture - 1 
  • Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to capture an image. If recording video or audio, tap the circle once to begin recording, and again to stop. 
  • You can also choose to import images or videos from your phone memory by tapping the Gallery Icon at the top right of the screen. If it is your first time performing this action, be sure to give Box Capture permission to access your gallery by tapping Allow when prompted. Tap an image or video to select it. You can select multiple images of videos and upload them all at once.
  • When you capture photos and videos, Box Capture can also capture geolocation metadata. If this feature is enabled, all captured photos and videos will be tagged with metadata corresponding to where they were taken. You can toggle geolocation metadata on or off from the settings menu (see "Settings" below for more information).
Note: Box Capture's review setting is disabled by default for images, video, and audio, meaning your content will be uploaded to Box as soon as you capture it. To enable review, tap the Review slider at the bottom-right of the screen. See "Review" below for more information.

Scanning Documents

  • Select Scan to enter Document Scan mode. Once in scan mode, Box Capture will automatically detect any documents that are in the camera's line of sight. Make sure that the edges of your document are within the frame for best results. Wait for the green border to outline your document, then press the circle to scan. Don't worry if your document is titlted or at an angle, Box Capture will automatically crop and deskew your scan for you.

capture - 9


  • Once your document is scanned, you will be taken to the Scan Sandbox screen. From here you can grayscale, manually crop, rotate, or delete your scan. You can also choose to take additional scans to create a multi-page document. When you are finished editing and adding pages, tap Next.
  • Review is always enabled for document scans. Once you have finished editing your scanned pages, you will be taken to the review screen, where you can edit your document's name and add comments. For more info on the review screen, see "Review" below. 


With Review enabled, you can view the content you capture before uploading it to Box. You can also add comments and tag collaborators.
  • To enable Review, simply tap the Review slider at the bottom-right to move it to the on position.
Capture - 2
  • Now once you capture anything, you can review it before uploading it to Box. 
  • Edit your image's name and add comments by tapping “Add a comment...” near the bottom of the screen. You can tag people in comments just like you can in Box by adding an "@" symbol in front of their name. Tap Save in the top right of the screen when you are done. 
Capture - 3
  • Tap Save to Folder at the top of the screen to change where your content is saved. Navigate to the folder where you'd like to save your content and tap "Use this Folder" to select the folder you are currently in. You can choose any folder in your Box account. 
  • When you are finished reviewing, tap Save in the top right corner to save your image or video to Box.

Managing Content

Tap the Recents icon in the top-left corner to view a gallery of all your captured content.
Capture - 4
  • Press and hold an item to select it. After selecting one item, you can tap other items to select them as well. You can move or delete selected items. 
  • Tap an item to view it individually. You can add comments, generate a shared link, or delete the item using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • While viewing an image or video, tap the Ellipsis in the top right corner to perform the following actions.
    • Save the file to your device's camera roll
    • Rename the file
    • Move the file to another folder in Box
    • Invite collaborators to the folder where your content is currently located (see "Adding Collaborators" below)
Box Capture - 4

Adding Collaborators

After capturing images or video and uploading them to Box, you can invite and remove collaborators to the folder containing your captured content.
  • From the Recents screen, tap on an image to view it individually. Make sure that the image you've selected is in the folder into which you would like to invite collaborators.
  • Tap on the Ellipses in the top-right corner to open More Options, then tap Folder Access
  • Here, you can see a list of all the people your folder is currently shared with. Tap on a collaborator's name to change their access permissions, or remove them from the folder entirely.
Box Capture - 6
  • To add a collaborator to the folder, tap the plus in the top-right corner. On the next screen, enter the name or email of the collaborator you would like to add, then tap Invite in the top-right to add them to the folder.
Box Capture - 8


To access your Box Capture app settings, navigate to the Recents screen, then tap the Settings icon in the top-left corner. 
See the table below for more information on each option:
Account Information
  • See how much storage space you have available in Box.
  • Enable passcode protection and set a 4-digit passcode by tapping Passcode. If a passcode is set and enabled, Box Capture will prompt you to enter the passcode every time it launches.
Camera & Uploads
  • Enable Save to Library if you want each photo or video you take to be saved to your phone's local storage as well as your Box account. 
  • Enable Upload using Cellular Data to allow Box Capture to upload your photos and videos via your mobile data plan. Disabling this option will mean your photos and videos are only synced to Box when your device is connected to WiFi.
  •  Toggle geolocation metadata on or off. If this setting is enabled, Capture will retrieve geolocation metadata each time you take a photo or video.
  • Tap Clear Local Storage to delete data Box Capture has saved on your phone. Note: Your captured photos and videos have been uploaded to Box, and will not be deleted from your Box account. Clearing your local storage will only delete local copies.

Capture for EMM

Box Capture for EMM lets your employees work with teams from anywhere, while letting IT centrally manage security, policy and provisioning across any mobile device. With integrations with mobile security leaders like AirWatch, Citrix, Intune, MaaS360, MobileIron and Okta, your data and IP will be kept safe and under control.


The table below details the differences in security between Capture and Capture for EMM:


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