Understanding Box for iOS

The Box for iOS mobile applications give you the power and simplicity of Box on your iPhone or iPad. Create, view, edit, and share content on the go, all from your mobile device.

Managing your Content 


Add Files and Folders

To add files from your iOS device to Box:
  • Open the Box iOS app
  • Navigate to the folder where you'd like to add your files. If you'd like to create a new folder or add files to the root level of your account, stay on the All Files screen.
  • Tap the + icon in the top-right corner.

ios - 1


Choose how you'd like to add files:

  • Create New Folder: Create a new folder within the folder you're currently viewing
  • Take Photo or Video: Use your device's camera to take a photo or video and upload it directly to Box
  • Choose from Library: Upload a photo or video from your device's media library. Selecting this option will open your media library within the Box app. You may have to grant Box permission to access your media library.
  • Create New Box Note: Create a new Box Note in the folder you are viewing.


Copy, Move, or Delete

To copy, move, or delete multiple items from your Box account using the Box for iPhone or Box for iPad app on your device, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to the files/folders you would like to preform the action on. 
  • Select the items you'd like to move, copy, or delete by long pressing (press and hold) on a file/folder. Once you are in Selection Mode (after long pressing to select at least one file), simply tap other files to select them as well. Hit Cancel in the upper left to exit Selection Mode.

ios - 2


  • Tap Delete or Move or Copy from the bottom menu to take the appropriate action. If Moving or Copying a file, you will need to select a destination folder. 


The Recents section provides quick access to your recently-viewed files. This includes files recently accessed on other devices or in the Box web application.
The following files will appear in this section:
  • Previewed files
  • Files opened from a shared link
  • The last 100 files that you viewed
To access the Recently Opened section, tap Recents in the bottom menu:

ios - 3


Remove Recents:
  • Long press a file/folder to select it. Once in Selection Mode, simply tap files to select them. You can exit Selection mode by tapping Cancel in the upper left. 
  • Tap Remove from Recents at the bottom of the screen
  • You can also clear all recents by tapping Clear All with nothing selected
When using the Recently Opened section, be aware of the following behavioral nuances:
  • Removing a file from the Recently Opened section does not delete it from Box.
  • When you swipe to preview a file, it will not appear in the recently-opened list.
  • If you open a file from this section, swiping will display the next item in the folder where the file resides, not the next item in your Recently Opened section. 

Save Files for Offline Access

You can save files and folders from Box to your iOS device so you can access them when your phone is not connected to a network (data or WiFi).
There are two ways to make a file available offline:
  • Tap the ellipses (...) next to a file/folder's name to open the More Options menu, then tap Make Available Offline.
  • Swipe from right to left over the file or folder name.

ios - 4

The file will be downloaded for offline access. The job manager will appear at the top of the screen as a file is downloaded, showing you the progress of each download. Tap the job manager for more detailed info about a specific job.
There are three icons that indicate the offline status of a file or folder:
cachedAn empty circle next to a file icon means that the file has been cached. You can preview this file when offline.
downloadedA grey circle next to a file icon means that the file is being downloaded.
downloadingA filled circle next to a file icon means the file has been downloaded and is available for offline access. 

Box Notes 


Sharing and Collaboration


Sharing Files

To share a file or folder:
  • Tap the ellipses (...) next to a file/folder's name (or in the upper right corner if you'd like to share the folder you are currently viewing.
  • Tap Share, then choose whether you'd like to generate a shared link or invite users as collaborators into the folder. You can also view and edit the list of all collaborators currently in a folder by tapping Manage Collaborators
 ios - 9
There are two ways to send a shared link:  
Using Email or Messages
  1. Set any access limits or restrictions.
  2. Tap Send Link
  3. Choose the app you'd like to use to send the link. 
The Box app will open a new message in the app you've selected, with a pre-populated subject line and a link to the file or folder you'd like to share in the body. You can customize the subject line and the body of the message from here, then send it to the recipients of your choosing.
Using a Link
  1. Set any access limits or restrictions.
  2. Tap Copy Link
You'll see a success message informing you that the link has been copied to your clipboard. You can paste the link from your clipboard into any text area you'd like and share it.
Access Limits and Restrictions
You can set access limits, restrict actions, and set an expiration date for your shared link from the Box for iPhone and iPad app directly.
Link Access: Secure this link so only a select group of people can access your content or leave it open for public access
  • People with the link: Anyone who has the link can view your content, whether they're logged in or not. We recommend one of the other access levels for files or folders you'd like to keep secure.
  • People in your Company: Allows anyone with a Box account at your company to see your content. Users will need to be logged in to see the file or folder linked and you will usually be able to see which specific users in your company have viewed your files.
  • People in this folder: Access is limited only to users you’ve invited to your file or folder as Collaborators. You can invite or remove Collaborators to expand or limit the list of users who can view your files.
Allow Downloading: If this option is enabled, users accessing your file or folder from the link can also download your content. Turn this off if you'd like to create a view-only link.
Expire Link: The link will be deleted on the date you set in this field. Leave this option disabled if you don't want the link to expire. If you set an expiration date, users will not be able to access your file or folder from the link after that date.

Managing Collaborators

Box collaborators have different access levels. Each access level has different permissions for different features when using Box.
View Collaborators
To view a list of collaborators in a given file or folder:
  • Locate the file or folder where you'd like to add or manage collaborators.
  • Tap the ellipses (...) beside the file/folder name to open the More Options menu, then tap Share
  • Tap Manage Collaborators to view the collaborators in a file or folder. Collaborators are displayed prioritized by access level.
  • Tap a collaborator to modify or remove access. Note: Collaborators in a single file can only be granted the Editor or Viewer access levels. 
Invite Collaborators
  • Locate the file or folder where you'd like to add or manage collaborators.
  • Tap the ellipses (...) beside the file/folder name to open the More Options menu, then tap Share 
  • Tap Add Collaborators to add more collaborators. This option only appears if you have permission to add collaborators to the selected file or folder. 
  • Add the name or email of anyone in your corporate directory or your address book.
  • Start typing the name of email of a person in your directory and the closest options start showing in the list. Select the required name/email.
  • Alternately, tap the + symbol to select a person from your address book. Select the required contact.
  • Assign the required access level. NoteCollaborators in a single file can only be granted the Editor or Viewer access levels. 
  • Click each collaborator to change or remove access.
Remove Access
  • Locate the file or folder where you'd like to add or manage collaborators.
  • Tap the ellipses (...) beside the file/folder name to open the More Options menu, then tap Share
  • Tap Manage Collaborators to view the collaborators in a file or folder. 
  • Tap a collaborator, then select Remove this person


How do I reset my passcode?
Box for iOS gives you the option to set a passcode to your Box account from within the Box App. This is an added level of security on top of your regular username and password.
If you forget your passcode, you can reset it at any point.
  1. When prompted to enter your passcode, select "log out". 
  2. After logging in with your normal credentials, you can go right to your settings and reset the passcode.
I can log into Box.com, but not the Box app.
If you are having issues logging on to the Box App, try checking the following items:
  • Make sure you are logging into the appropriate login field
  • If you have SSO enabled for your account, make sure you are selecting “Use Company Credentials”
  • Check with your admin to make sure they are not restricting the app you are trying to access or the number of devices you can access Box from
If you are still unable to log into the app, try to reset your password at Box.com/reset. 
What files types can be previewed in Box for iOS?
Box for iOS leverages both Apple and Box's preview technology for viewing files.
It currently supports the same file types supported on Box.com.
The known exceptions to what can be viewed are:
  • No .eps file support
  • Flash: No support at all (flv, swf, f4v) 
The additional file types that can be viewed are:
  • iWork files (.pages, .keynote, .numbers)
  • Apple supported media (For a full list of video and audio supported by iOS, see the tech specs for your device http://support.apple.com/specs/ )
Can I use Box Sync on my mobile device?
No, you cannot sync files to your mobile device. Because mobile operating systems like iOS don't reveal the file system to the end user, we've focused on integrating with your existing applications. 
Instead of syncing files/folders, we are working with app developers so that you can sync the content of your favorite apps directly to Box. Apps with direct integrations - like GoodReader and DocsToGo - allow you connect directly to your Box account and manage your files from within the app.
For more information on our mobile integrations, click here.
Why aren't my files previewing?
Box for iOS currently leverages both Apple and Box's preview technology for viewing files. There are some limitations in how it displays some files which may cause inconsistencies between what you see on Box.com and our iOS app.  Often times we see this with heavily formatted spreadsheets or PDF annotations and password protected Office files. 
If you are having trouple previewing a file, try opening it in one of our partner apps like CloudOn or GoodReader. These apps have their own previewers and have built-in Box integration. For more information, click here.
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