Sharing Files and Folders From Box on Your iPhone or iPad

Box's new mobile device UI provides a unified and streamlined experience to make collaboration even easier on the go. To collaborate, you can either invite people to contribute to a shared file or folder, or send people a separate email containing a link to the shared file or folder.


To start sharing:

  1. Navigate to the file or folder you want to share.
  2. Tap Open with and select the application you want to use for viewing the file.
  3. In the file's Preview pane, tap "...".
  4. Tap Share. Box displays the sharing window.


To invite  collaborators:

  1. In the top of the sharing window, tap Invite
  2. In the top-right corner of the window, tap "+".
  3. In the Search Collaborators field, type the name of a collaborator. Box adds the name to the list of collaborators.
  4. To add another collaborator, tap Return.
  5. When you've selected all your collaborators, tap Invite.





To share a link with collaborators:

  1. In the top of the sharing window, tap Link.
  2. Tap the Enable Link slider button. Box displays the link address.
  3. Select access limits or restrictions you want to apply to the collaborators.
  4. Tap Copy Link.
  5. You can now paste the link into a separate email to the collaborators.




Access Limits and Restrictions

You can set access limits, restrict actions, and set an expiration date for your shared link from the Box for iPhone and iPad app directly.


To select access limits and restrictions:

  • In the sharing window, tap Editor, or
  • In the file's Preview pane
    1. Tap "..." and select Manage collaborators
    2. Tap the collaborator's name.





Link Access: Secure this link so only a select group of people can access your content, or leave it open for public access.

  • People with the link: Enables anyone with the link to view your content, whether they're logged in or not. We recommend one of the other access levels for files or folders you'd like to keep secure.
  • People in your Company: Enables anyone with a Box account at your company to see your content. People will need to be logged in to see the linked file or folder, and you will usually be able to see which specific people in your company have viewed your files.
  • People in this folder: Limits access to only the people you’ve invited to your file or folder as Collaborators. You can invite or remove Collaborators to expand or limit the list of people who can view your files.


Allow Downloading: If this option is enabled, people accessing your file or folder from the link can also download your content. Turn this off if you'd like to create a view-only link.


Expire Link: The link will be deleted on the date you set in this field. Leave this option set to Never if you don't want the link to expire. If you set an expiration date, people will not be able to access your file or folder from the link after that date.

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