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Box for EMM: Application Administrators

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Box for EMM: Application Users

If your company just started using Box for EMM, here's what you need to know to get started: 


What is Box for EMM?

Box for EMM is a mobile application that helps your company securely manage access to company content through mobile devices.


How do I download Box for EMM?

You need to contact your administrator to download Box for EMM.  When you've downloaded Box for EMM, follow the instructions in the table below to keep it up to date:
Update Action
After Box for EMM has been provisioned on a device by an EMM provider, you can update the app from the public app store. Search for "Box for EMM" in the app store to find and update the app. Alternatively, an admin can push an updated version of Box for EMM to you via the EMM provider. 
Your administrator obtains Box for EMM from Box directly, and then pushes the updated version to you via the EMM provider. 



Can I still have other Box apps on my device if I download Box for EMM?

Yes. On iOS and Android devices, you can have the Box for EMM app alongside your Box for iPhone and iPad app or your Box for Android app.  However, you cannot log in to Box for iPhone and iPad or Box for Android using company credentials, nor can you log in to Box for EMM using credentials from a personal account.  You can still log in to Box for iPhone and iPad or Box for Android from a personal account.


What do I do if I have any issues using Box for EMM?

If you experience any issues logging in or using your Box for EMM application, contact your administrator.

Box for EMM: Application Administrators

If you're an administrator interested in using Box for EMM at your organization, please read the following information and contact your Box Customer Success Manager: 

Box for EMM Overview

Box for EMM is a mobile application available for integration with select Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers. These companies offer a variety of mobile security features, and Box for EMM allows Box customers to leverage that functionality via Mobile Device Management (MDM). Box for EMM offers the following features:
  • Allows enterprises to restrict Box usage to company-approved mobile devices secured by EMM providers who have integrated with Box for EMM.
  • Validates EMM credentials via server-to-server API calls between Box and the EMM provider.
  • Checks managed application configurations before allowing access to content on Box.
  • Ensures devices are in compliance with security policies set by the EMM provider before allowing access to content on Box. 

System Requirements

Box for EMM supports the following operating systems:
  • iOS 10 and above
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above
  • AirWatch version 7.2 and later
  • MobileIron Core version 7.5 and later
  • MobileIron Connected Cloud version 7.5 and later 


Make sure these prerequisites are met before deploying Box for EMM:
  • Box for EMM must be set up by a Box Customer Success Manager (CSM). 
  • You must already have an account with a participating Box for EMM provider and use their MDM product. Currently, Box for EMM is integrated with AirWatch, MobileIron, Microsoft's Intune (Mobile Application Management without Enrollment is not currently supported), Citrix XenMobile and MaaS360 on iOS, and AirWatch and MaaS360 on Android. Intune is supported with Android Enterprise only. 


Accessing the Box for EMM Application

You must work with a Box CSM to set up Box for EMM for your enterprise.
  • Box for EMM  only works if your users acquired the app from your company’s EMM provider.
  • Your users cannot log in if they download it directly from a public app store. 
  • Your users also cannot log in if they back up the app from one device and restore it on another device.


  • Apple’s Files app introduced in iOS 11 unexpectedly makes it possible to move or copy files from Box for EMM folders to other folders outside of Box’s environment.  This means it’s possible to use your iOS device to make files accessible to people who should not have access to them, or to the general public.  This behavior occurs only in versions older than iOS 12.1.
  • This behavior impacts only content stored on Box for enterprises that use Box for EMM in an MDM environment. If your enterprise does not use an MDM solution and Box for EMM on iOS, your data is not affected.
  • To prevent the behavior in the affected iOS versions, go to your Admin Console's Enterprise>Mobile tab and check Disable iOS Files functionality on devices running iOS 12 or older.  To learn more about this matter, see the Using the iOS EMM Unprotected & Protected Checkbox article.




Managed Mobility Users 

A managed mobility user is an enterprise user whose device has been configured and registered with the company’s EMM provider.  All users in an EMM-enabled enterprise must be managed.
The Box for EMM solution does not support an enterprise deployment in which there are some managed users and some unmanaged users.  If an enterprise is registered as an EMM enterprise, it can only access Box using the Box for EMM app.


Login Error Messages and Causes

If your users are having trouble logging in, see the table below for possible causes:
Error Message
Possible Causes
Could not complete login because the app is not authorized. Please contact your administrator for more information.  
  • The user installed Box for EMM from the public app store, instead of receiving it from their EMM provider.
  • The user backed up the app on one device and restoredit on another device.
  • The device is out of compliance with its EMM provider. 
Could not complete login because the user is not authorized. Please contact your administrator for more information.
  • The user is not part of the enterprise that provisioned the app.
  • Incorrect managed app configs have been loaded onto the device.
No message (returns you to login screen)
  • Box for EMM was configured incorrectly during initial setup.
  • The device is not connected to the internet.
If you have any questions about deploying or managing Box for EMM, please contact your Box Customer Success Manager. 



I'm interested in Box for EMM. How do I get it for my enterprise?
Reach out to your Box CSM and ask them about Box for EMM.
I'm interested in Box for EMM, but my EMM provider isn't integrated with Box for EMM.  What can I do?
Box is considering integrations with other leading EMM providers. Tell your Box CSM that you're interested, and who your EMM provider is.
If you can't deploy Box for EMM, both the Box for iPhone and iPad app and the Box for Android app offer a variety of native mobile security features. See Mobile Security Settings Overview and FAQ for more information.


Does Box for EMM support push notifications on iOS and Android? 
Box for EMM does not support push notifications on iOS.

Box for EMM on Android sends notifications to you when someone

  • invites you to collaborate on an item, and you have enabled auto-acceptance of collaborations,
  • comments on a file you own,
  • comments on a file you previously commented on,
  • @-mentions you on a file,
  • edits a file that is highly relevant to you, where Box determines relevancy based on your history of accessing the file.


How do I move my enterprise from the Box app to the Box for EMM app?

During the move, you can allow test users to use both the Box and Box EMM apps.  However, after completing the move, you must disable the Box for iPhone and iPad, or Box for Android apps, so users cannot log into their enterprise accounts through these apps.

To disable these apps for your enterprise:

  1. In Admin Console, click Enterprise Settings.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. In the Official Box Applications pane, select the apps you wish to disable.


Box Capture for EMM

If your enterprise uses Box for EMM, you may be interested in Box Capture for EMM. Box Capture for EMM offers the functionality of the Box Capture app with the security of Box for EMM, enablng IT to centrally manage security, policy, and provisioning across any mobile device. With integrations with mobile security leaders such as AirWatch, Citrix, Intune, MaaS360, MobileIron, and Okta, your data and IP is kept safe and under control.