Understanding Permissions When Moving Content in Box Drive

The content you see in your Box folder in Windows Explorer follows the same permissions rules as the content in Box. Moving folders around in Box Drive can result in changes to your (and other people's) permissions to them. If you need to review who has permissions you should right-click the item and view on box.com to review the collaborators list on the right-hand side of the folder.


  • Root level: You can only move root-level folders in which you are the Owner. Deleting root level folders, or dragging them outside of your Box folder will delete them from Box (if you are the Owner) or un-collaborate you (if you are not the Owner). Just as in the web browser, if you drag a folder that you own into a folder somebody else owns, they will replace you as the owner of that folder. 
  • Below the root level: You can move files and folders around according to your permission level in Box.If you attempt to make changes to a file or folder in which you only have viewer permissions, your changes will not be saved to Box, and will be reverted on your local machine automatically. In some cases, these files may be marked with a problem file notification
  • Content with preview-only access will not be downloadable via Box Drive.  Instead, this content can be viewed by right-clicking on the content and selecting View on Box.com.

Move Permissions Matrix for Box Drive


Folder Level Owner  Co-Owner Editor Viewer Previewer
Root (Top) Level x x x x
Below Root Level ✔* x


* = Changes made will not be reflected in the Box Web Application or for other collaborators. 


Windows: On Windows machines, dragging and dropping a file from your desktop into the Box folder will copy the file to Box (the original will remain on your desktop).


Mac: On Macs, dragging and dropping a file from your desktop into the Box folder will copy the file to Box (the original will remain on your desktop). Hold the Cmd key to move the item instead.

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