What Box Email Notifications Cannot Be Disabled?

Box provides everyone with controls to manage what types of email notifications they receive about their content.  You can specify email preferences from the full account level down to the individual file settings. However, there are some email notifications that cannot be turned off.  They are listed below: 


  • Collaboration invitations
  • Collaboration invitation acceptances
  • Collaboration expiration notifications
  • Shared Link expiration
  • Password reset emails
  • Task assignment and reminder notifications
  • Comments @mentions
  • Box Notes comments and annotations
    •  You can disable emails generated by Box Notes comments and annotations, but only by clearing both "In Folders I Own" and "In Folders I Joined" in the users' email notifications setting for comments.  Find more information on folder settings here.
  • Invitations to join a Box enterprise
  • Email Upload Success/Failure notifications
    • When using the Email Upload functionality, Box will send the uploading user an email to confirm whether their upload completed successfully or failed. 
  • Service Emails
    • These email notifications are generally sent to Box administrators and contain about information about upcoming product changes, end-of-life notices for Box services, and other important items we need to share with your organization.
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