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Welcome! We're thrilled you're here. The Starting with Box series is your crash course in all things Box – from uploading and organizing your content all the way to advanced features like marking up files on your smartphone.


One of the most important things you’ll do as you ;get started is –  yes, you guessed it – put all your files on Box for others to see and share. You've got quite a few options in transferring content, though here we'll focus on arguably the easiest: drag-and-drop.


Watch this one-minute video to see uploading to Box in action.


Dragging and dropping files to Box is simple – you'll just want to take these two steps:


  1. Select and drag a single file, multiple files, or a whole folder from your desktop to the Files and Folders screen.
  2. Release the file(s) or folder. Your files will be uploaded and appear in the folder where you dropped them.
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