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Step 5: Replace Email Chains with Comments and Tasks

by on ‎03-04-2015 06:00 PM - edited on ‎12-17-2015 02:11 PM by

In this article, you will learn how to: 


  • Exchange ideas and feedback with your team through comments

  • Set deadlines and maximize productivity through tasks


Comments and tasks are a great way to stay on the same page as your teammates, and to keep others accountable for their work. 



In the comments section of the file page, select Enter a Comment.  Collaborators in that folder can reply directly to a comment or add their own comments.



To communicate with a colleague: start your message with the @ symbol and begin typing the name of an individual that you are directing the message to; @-mentioning will directly email the person and populate the message in their Box account. This message will also stay with the file or folder on which you’ve commented, giving context for others coming to work with this information.


Note: When @-mentioning, the person to whom you are directing the message must already be a collaborator in the folder.


To keep assignments on track: Assign a Task, set a Due Date, and select the appropriate action item (yellow); the recipient will receive an email as well as a ‘Task’ to complete.




Tasks is one of Box’s latest workflow tools to help you create, assign and manage tasks related to individual files. This feature will allow you to assign a task to yourself, and/or your Collaborators. **Currently, Tasks can only be created if comments are enabled.


Creating a Task
In the comments section of the file page, select Assign a Task.

The comments section will convert to an Add Task section.


In the main text field, you can add a brief description of your task to help the recipient understand your task. Select a task type by clicking the yellow icon under the description section. Lastly, enter the name of the collaborators who you would like to have complete the task. Click ‘Assign Task’ to complete and assign your task. **Please note that you can only assign tasks to existing collaborators in the folder. If you would like to assign a task to a person who is not already a collaborator, you will first need to invite them to join the folder, then assign the task.


When you assign a task to a collaborator, that person will automatically receive an email reminder 7 days after the date you assigned the task.  



Editing a Task
Only the creator of the task can edit the task. To edit the task simply locate the file associated with the task and click on the comment icon to the right of the file name. There you will be able to view all the tasks and comments associated with the file. Mouse over the task, then click on Edit to make changes to the task.



Completing a Task
If you have been assigned a task you will receive an email notification, to go directly to the task please click on the link provided in the message. Additionally, you will see task notices on the Pending Items side menu shown on the All Files page and the Updates page. Clicking on the notices will take you directly to the task.


To complete the task, select the Complete option on the task and click Yes to confirm when prompted. You can leave a comment on the task without completing it, by mousing over the task and clicking Reply.

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