Replace Email Attachments with Shared Links

In this article, you will learn:


  • How (and when) to share a link that points directly to a Box file or folder
  • How to add security options to your shared links


For those occasions when you need to offer only quick, view-only access to your Box files or folders, a Box shared link is an easy – and secure – alternative to an email attachment.


Shared link: A unique URL that allows the recipient to access either a specific file or folder. Shared links differ from collaborators in that they can be accessed by those who do not have Box accounts.


What are my options when I create a shared link, and what do they mean?

  • People with the link: Anyone with the link can access the content it points to – no Box account is required. For extra security, you can also set a password or expiration for the link, as well as restrict download access for link viewers.
  • People in your company: Users with a Box account and a validated email address matching your domain will be able to access content via the shared link. You can set an expiration date and restrict download and/or preview access for link viewers.
    • When accessing the link, users will be asked to log in to Box to verify their identity.
    • Collaborators in the folder can also access content if this option is selected (including any external business partners with the link).
  • People in this folder: Only users who have been invited to the folder can access the content in the folder.


    Collaborators already have access to their content, but can easily direct one another to a specific file or folder using the shared link.

  • Remove: This option removes and deletes the shared link assigned to that file or folder so it can no longer be accessed, even if someone has the old link.


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