Download Box Drive and Edit

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Access all your folders from your local Box Drive folder
  • Edit content directly from through Box Tools

Box Drive is a productivity tool that streams all your content from Box, right to your desktop, taking up very little hard drive space. Open your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to find every file you need and see all your changes saved up to Box from your desktop. 


Download Box Drive and Edit

You can download both Box Drive and Box Edit here. Or visit our product pages for each respective tool to see the download options, Box Drive and Box Edit.


View all files within finder or windows

Before with Box Sync, users had to select which content to sync and download to their Box Sync folder. Now with Box Drive, all files are available and streamed to your Box Drive folder without occupying any hard drive space.

  • Right click on any file to  to reveal additional Box functionality to copy or email shared links and to view the item on In addition, files can be locked/unlocked and Box Notes can be created on folders.
  • With the launch on October 31st, Marking Folders for Offline is now available on Box Drive! Selectively sync down folders from your Box account to your local machine to continue working offline. Check out the article here for more information!


Using Box Drive

With all your files available to view on your local computer, you can edit files either from your Box Drive folder or within your Box folders online. When you make a change to a file that’s located in your Box Drive folder, that change will also be reflected in Box. To learn how to navigate Box Drive, check out this article here!


Using Box Edit

After installing Box Edit, you'll be able to preview any document within your Box folders online. Select the Open button in the top right corner, which will open the native application (i.e. Microsoft Office) associated with that application directly on your desktop. Read our guide on using Box Edit with your files for more.


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