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How it works

  • Search to see whether your suggestion currently exists.
  • If you have a suggestion that’s not listed yet, submit your own.
  • Include one suggestion per post.

The Box Product team periodically reviews all suggestions. Once a suggestion receives enough support, the Product team will provide a status and some commentary regarding the update. 



Our product roadmap is always subject to change. This is not a commitment, promise or obligation to deliver any specific features, code or functionality. Customers should make any purchasing decisions on Box product features and functionality that are already available.


Definition of Box Pulse suggestion statuses

Researching Our Product team is reviewing this suggestion and will provide a status within 1-2 months.
Gathering Feedback Our Product Managers are gathering feedback and additional use cases regarding this suggestion. Please add your comments and support this suggestion so we can prioritize it accordingly.
Under Consideration This suggestion is under consideration by the Product Team for future development, however, it is not on our roadmap.
On Roadmap This suggestion is on our roadmap. We will post an update when it's available.
Beta This suggestion is part of a current Box beta program. Stay tuned for more information.
Delivered This suggestion has been delivered and is generally available (GA).
Existing Feature This suggestion refers to an existing feature or functionality in Box products.
Not Planned This suggestion is not under consideration for the current or future roadmap.


Accessing Box Pulse

If you're using Box Pulse for the first time, you will be asked to grant access to Box Pulse to share user information. Your name and email address will be shared with us so we can associate you with your feedback. You are welcome to change your profile details in the Settings page. See this article for more information.


To delete your information from Box Pulse, please follow these instructions.


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Hello, would love to be able to hide folders (I am currently the owner)  from collaborators that way as the owner I can monitor what is seen by collaborators as a whole without them seeing things change on their end.

Hi @nlange ,


Thanks for your feedback!


I linked your post to this suggestion on our Box Pulse site:


If you'd like to add more detail, or add another suggestion for our Box product teams, feel free to post your feedback to Box Pulse directly.


Thanks again for posting in the Box Community!





I can't access pulse with my sso account. I'd like to vote for the linux support issues.

Hi @ibmhb,


Thanks for your post!


The Box Pulse app must first be enabled by your Box Admin for you to log in. You can provide the instructions below to your admin if they are not familiar with the process:


In the meantime, I've captured your feedback for greater linux support on the backend.


Thanks again for your question and feedback!



Hi @scottdodds, I find Box Pulse is problematic for login, like @ibmhb did. My logged in account just offers to subscribe me when I click on Vote. And there are no login or logout buttons/links showing. I was guessing a cookies or cache issue, and confirmed with an incognito window. There does show a login button. I don't want to clear cookies and cache each time I visit Pulse. I am not sure what state I was in, but it seems to me there should always be either a login, or a logout button showing. No button and not working has happened multiple times to me.

Hi @Chris_Mueller ,


That does sound strange – you should not have to clear cache or cookies each time you try to submit feedback.


Also, when you are logged into Box Pulse you should see a "Sign out" option below your user name:


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.31.50 AM.png


And when you are not logged in, you should see a "Sign in with Box" button in that location instead:


Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.37.00 AM.png



Is that what you see in Box Pulse, or do you see something different?



I'd like to submit a suggestion when adding a user from the management consoled to provide for the ability to add additional emails as well.  As most organization have a primary domain for their email, they also tend to have several aliases that are used as well.  This functionality would allow admins to enter these aliases at the time of account creation rather than having to wait for user acceptance and then login as that user to add them after the fact.