Communications Templates

Announce your switch to Box using our customizable templates!


Box Launch Communications

Template How to use When to use

Awareness Announcement to Company

Send this to users to let them know that Box is coming - raise awareness of the tool and outline the benefits of Box.

2 weeks prior to Box launch

Go-Live Announcement to Company

Let users know that they can get started working in Box! Include critical information on how to access their accounts and any other relevant support resources for launch.

Day of Box launch

Support & Check-In Email to Company

Check in with your users to outline support channels, promote free Box training, and solicit feedback for continuous improvement.

1 week after Box launch



Core Box Applications

Template How to use When to use

4 Box Essential Applications

Power up your users by introducing them to four of Box's amazing productivity apps.

As Needed

Box Edit

Let users know how to easily edit documents and save changes back to Box while working in the web app with Box Edit.

As Needed

Box Sync

Let users know how to mirror data stored on Box to their desktop with Box Sync.

As Needed

Box for Office

Make Box a more integrated part of your Microsoft productivity suite with Box for Office.

As Needed

Box Mobile

Access, share, and collaborate on your content from your mobile device with the Box mobile app!

As Needed



Tool Replacement + Content Migration

Template How to use When to use

We're Moving To Box Announcement to Company

Announce that you're moving from your current tool to Box!

3 weeks prior to migration to Box

Migration Announcement to Company

Remind users of the migration to Box and outline key impacts - what to expect, when the migration is happening, and what will happen to their content.

1 week prior to migration to Box

Migrate Your Content (End-User Driven)

Are users responsible for migrating their content to Box? If so, let them know what tools are available to do so!

As needed (if user-driven migration)



External Collaboration

Template How to use When to use

Sharing Content Outside Of Your Organization

Let your users know how to work with others outside of your environment securely and easily.

As needed

Vendor Invitation to Collaborate

Give your external partners a heads up on how to accept their invitation to collaborate.

As needed

What External Collaborators Can Expect

Help external collaborators know what to expect when they are invited to work with your users.

As needed



User Guides & Support

Template How to use When to use

Get Started With Box Folder

Customize and provision this folder to all new Box users. Includes 1-minute How-To videos, best practices, and more!

At Box launch

Box End User Guide

Do your users like self-learning? Provide them with this comprehensive Box user guide to get going in Box!

At Box launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Compile a helpful FAQ for your end-users!

As needed

Box User Video Library

Embed these helpful introductory and how-to Box videos on your company's intranet or social site.

As needed


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