Choose Essential Admin Settings

In this article, you will learn how to: 

  • Configure critical sharing settings in the Admin Console
  • Determine the impact of an open vs. closed folder structure

The Content & Sharing tab in Admin Settings allows you to enable or disable various permission types that are available to managed user when collaborating and sharing files.


Collaboration Restrictions

This section allows you to set restrictions for how collaborators can be invited to the content in your, or your managed user's accounts. See a detailed explanation of each permission level.

  • Restrict invites: This option allows you to set who can invite collaborators. If this option is enabled then only folder Owners and Co-owners and Admins (including Co-admins and Group Admins) will be able to invite collaborators to a given folder.
  • Enable invite links: If you enable this function, users will be permitted to use invite links to collaborate.
  • Enable group invites: Enabling this option makes it possible for users to invite groups to collaborate in folders.
  • External collaboration:
    • Enable external collaboration: This allows your users to collaborate with users outside your company.
    • Limit collaboration to users within your enterprise: Enabling this option restricts collaboration to inside your organization, which is defined as users, which is defined as the managed users in this Box account.
    • Restrict collaboration to whitelisted domains: You can choose to restrict collaboration to an approved set of domains, or a whitelist. To enable whitelisted domains:
      • Click the button to enable.
      • Click View Whitelist.
      • Once the Collaboration Whitelist window pops up, you can add, review, or delete domains from your whitelist
  • External Collaborator Invitations: This allows you to restrict external collaborators from inviting other external collaborators into content owned by your enterprise and to prevent them from increasing other external collaborators' permission levels.

Notes on collaboration restrictions:

  • The external collaboration features are available to Enterprise and Elite customers only and will not display until enabled by request. Please contact your Box Representative or Box User Services to enable these features.
  • Collaboration restrictions can be set at the enterprise, user, and folder level. We'll use the most restrictive setting at any given time. For example, if an enterprise allows collaboration with 100 domains and a user within the enterprise further restricts collaborators for a particular folder, that folder will be governed by the user's more restrictive settings.



Prevent content creation at root. This prevents your users from creating any new folders, restricting their use of Box to those folders to which you've granted them access.


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