Box Deployment Overview for New Admins

Welcome Let's walk through the steps of deploying Box for your organization.


1. Create Users

First, enable silent mode on your account so you can create your users without your users logging into Box before you're ready. Then, create your managed users and invite them into the folders they should have access to. When you're ready for your users to log into Box for the first time, you'll turn off silent mode and your users will see their folders already set up!



2. Folder Structure

Before you transfer your content to Box, you should design your folder structure. You may want to transfer your current, internal folder structure, or clean that up by planning a new folder structure. While formulating your structure, it is important to read how folder and subfolder permissions work in Box.



3. Migrate Content

You can move your content to Box through the following options: 


4. Admin Console Settings

The Admin Console allows you to customize your account based on your company's internal policies. Please explore your options through our Guide to the Admin Console. We recommend configuring your Admin Console settings based on your organization's security preferences and need. Be sure to check out Branding within Custom Setup



5. Training & Adoption

Now that you've created your users, configured your folders, and customized your account's Admin Console settings, it's time to go live with your users! Here are communication options you can use to form your message to your new users. 


Will your users have further questions? Do you want your users to make the most of their Box account? Encourage your Co-Admins and users to utilize the education links below!



6. Basic workflow actions for users

Want tips on how to incorporate Box into your existing workflow? Consider these common actions: 

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