In this article, you will learn: 

  • How to add your teammates (and business partners) to your Box account
  • How to add multiple users to relevant folders at once via Groups


Adding Internal Users (Managed Users)

A managed user is a Box account that you directly control through your Admin Console; think of them as one of your employees, for whom you'll be able to control and curate nearly every part of the Box user experience. As an Admin, you will have the ability to edit, delete, enforce security settings, and run activity reports on these users. Any content that these users upload into folders they own (or, in other words, have created) will count against their individual storage allocation.


To add a managed user, follow these steps:

How Do I Add New Managed Users-1.png

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console
  2. Click on the Users icon
  3. Click the "+ Users" button
  4. The interface will slide down and reveal new user entry fields. Enter the user's name, e-mail address, and storage quota.
  5. In the section marked Access Permissions, you can pre-populate the user’s account with folders you own, add the user to groups, and configure their access to the rest of the account (e.g. enable/disable Box Sync or restrict external collaboration). Click Add User to confirm the user’s addition.

Once you complete this process, the newly added user will receive an email containing a confirmation link to create a password and log in to their account. 


Adding External Users

Step 3 Inviting Collaborators.png

Adding business partners, customers, or consultants to your Box account does not require taking action in the Admin Console – you'll merely want to add them as collaborators to a folder. Box will recognize that these individuals are not among your managed users, and will add them to the external user list for you to track in the Admin Console. Additionally, you'll see a small globe icon represented next to the name of each external user.


Setting up Groups

On Business Plus, Enterprise, and Elite plans, Groups enable you to add multiple users to your folders and decide what permissions they’ll have in those folders – quickly and easily. See this video below for how to set up Groups, as well as this in-depth guide to using Groups.


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