Learn about the 2FA Beta for External Users

The new External 2FA feature enables Box enterprise administrators to require external collaborators to enroll in two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the enterprise’s shared content. This restriction does not apply to external collaborators who log into Box through an SSO provider. 


External Collaborator Impact


If you have access to shared content from an enterprise that requires 2FA, you need to enroll in 2FA from your Box account to access that shared content. If you are enrolled in your Box account’s 2FA or are using an SSO provider to access your Box account, you are able to access the shared content.


If you are directly logging into your Box account without an SSO provider, and have not enrolled in 2FA, you cannot access shared content from an enterprise that requires 2FA.


Box displays the titles of shared content blocked by 2FA in the new Action Required panel on the All Files page, as shown below. Box also displays the titles of any newly shared content from that enterprise in the Action Required panel. To regain access to that shared content, you need to enroll in 2FA.




You can also get details about the files and folders that are blocked by the 2FA requirement.


To get details about content blocked by 2FA:

  • In the Action Required field, hover on the file or folder, and click the ellipses, “”.
  • Click View Details.



  • To be removed from collaboration in these shared folders, click Decline All.


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