You can enroll in 2FA through either the Action Required panel, or the Account Settings page of your Box account window.


To enroll in 2FA through the Action Required panel (preferred method):

  1. Hover on the file or folder, and click Set Up Now. Box displays the Enable Login Verification
  2. In Country, click and select your country.
  3. In Mobile Phone Number, type the phone number through which you want to receive the SMS code.
  4. Click Continue. Box displays the Confirmation Code
  5. After receiving the SMS code on your phone, type this code in the Confirmation Code
  6. Click Continue. If the code matches, the 2FA enrollment is complete.





To enroll in 2FA through the Account Settings page:

  • Log into your Box account.
  • In the top-right corner of your Box window, click your account icon and select Account Settings.



  • In the Authentication panel, check Require 2-step verification for unrecognized logins.
  • In the top-right corner of the Box window, click Save Changes.




  • If you enroll in 2FA through Account Settings, you will need to manually accept the shared folders by going to Notifications page
  • For more information on how to setup 2FA, read this article.
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