Shiny Thing! All New Box for iOS Is Here!

Box Employee

Shiny Thing! All New Box for iOS Is Here!

Good morning all!  


The holiday season is nearly upon us but before we all disappear to go and eat our body weight in mince pies there are some big announcements regarding our mobile apps.


This week, we announced that the new Box iOS app is available!


It has been entirely re-built on our iOS mobile SDKs and has a whole new user experience.


 ios launch.jpg


Similar to our recent changes to the web interface, we've made everyday activities easier than ever, from creating content through to working with other apps.


Specifically for me, I'm a heavy Box Note user and creating them from the iPhone app is even simpler than before.


If you're interested in reviewing your own mobile usage and exploring new ways to work on mobile, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (if you're not sure who that is, post below and I'll reach out to you).


We'd also love to hear your thoughts below.






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