Sharing a Box Folder outside of IBM

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Sharing a Box Folder outside of IBM

Hi, as an IBMer, I would like to create a Box folder and share it with a Business Partner, so that we can easily share documents.  I'm not sure if I am allowed to do this and what the restrictions are.  I couldn't find any help around my question.


I'd be grateful for any help.

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Re: Sharing a Box Folder outside of IBM

Hi Paul,


I know nothing about your environment so everything I say here is speculation.  

You can invite anyone who has a Box account as a collaborator on a folder as long as you have the ability to invite collaborators.  Most configurations allow Owners, Co-Owners and Editors to invite collaborators, though some do limit this to only Owners and Co-Owners.  


When you are inviting collaborators you can click the little question mark beside the box to invite people, and it will open up a little grid showing you which rights each level has.  Remember that you are not only inviting them into that folder, but all sub-folders as well so plan wisely.


I would recommend going over to the getting started videos and watching those to get a good solid set of tools in your belt for Box use.