Introducing the all-new Box Notes!

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Introducing the all-new Box Notes!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to highlight Box Notes and the new features we've introduced, to facilitate you and your colleagues collaborating in real time, and with a new desktop experience.


The updated Box Notes includes:
  • a sidebar view to access all your recent notes
  • real-time collaboration 
  • a brand new desktop app that allows you to take notes online and offline 
Box Notes are also integrated into the Box mobile app (check out the Android and iOS apps) so you can collaborate and keep updated while on the go.
Check out the introduction to the new Box Notes below:
Have you given Box Notes a go yet? 
Let us know below!


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Re: Introducing the all-new Box Notes!

Are there plans to support any of the following in the Box Notes desktop app?

  • support sorting notes by title,
  • display notes by folder hierarchy
  • create a note in a specific folder
  • open a sync'd note from Finder or Windows Explorer

Currently all of these things can be accomplished from the browser, but not from the desktop app. 


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