Guess Who's Back...

Box Employee

Guess Who's Back...

Back Again.


Hello, forum friends.


Now when we announced and launched the all new user interface last year, a bucket load of changes were welcomed which we hope greatly improved the experience for those accessing Box through the web.


That being said, there were some familiar faces who were noticeably absent when we first began to show off the more polished, draggable, copyable interface (real words I promise).



One such absence was the Upload Embed Widget, which in the past few weeks has made a welcome return to the ellipses (...).


There is a fantastic article already in existence which details exactly how you can use this tool and so whilst I won't explain the minutiae of how to use it, I most definitely want to make sure we shout about it as it's a fantastic tool that I've used in both professional and personal capacity.


Whether it's because you want your family and friends to upload photos from an event or whether you want vendors to submit a document you have shared or perhaps you want survey results uploaded anonymously.


What we want is your feedback, your thoughts and how you use features like the upload embed widget to get more, more content, more processes, more anything?









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