Box Education Update Nov 2016

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Box Education Update Nov 2016

Good morning from Box EMEA HQ in London!


I've not given an update on the training front for a while especially as we've now fully launched our Microsoft & Box class and have recently added a Box on your Mobile class into the mix.


The new classes seem to be going down really well and we're already working on some changes and new content for early in the new year.


In the meantime we have created a number of links below which will help users access these classes directly - as ever let me know if you need anything else and if you'd like to see some further classes added to the mix let's talk!



LIVE User Courses  
Mixed Audience Deep Link 
(requires either Box account or Box U account)     
Sharing Made Easy (And Secure)
Organizing Your Box Folders ** No classes until January   **
Communicating and Editing In Box
Box and Microsoft
Box on Your Mobile  
User Essentials
Enterprise Admin Essentials 


The full EMEA schedule can be accessed here 


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