Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

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Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

I'm sure by now most of you are aware that Box has a new user experience, whilst we think you'll all agree that it looks rather good, it introduces some new features and makes it even easier to use than before.


To help ease the transition we've now released a whole load of resources to show you how you make Box work even better for you than before.


On when you click on the help site you're now able to select either the old or new Box experience and then access articles and resources based on which version of Box you're currently using.


This now includes completely updated user videos based on the All-New-Box - check out the new 5 Skills video here.


All new and current Box Education classes are now completely delivered within the new experience and if you've yet to make the switch let us know or join us for one of our upcoming sessions here.


We would also be delighted to hear your latest feedback as we introduce even more new features to the new Box.


 Jamie - Box Ed

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Re: Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

Hi Box Yes we have made the move, and it works easy and fine. Just one little suggestions. - All apps and file sharing are starting by default the "folder" All Files.... Please save us for a lot of klicks and startup inside this folder Smiley Happy
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Re: Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

Good to hear from you FleNybro,


So happy to hear that you're enjoying using the new Box.


In terms of the default setting for sharing content from Box that is something that is set by your own IT Team - it might be worth reaching out to them for a conversation.


However by not setting the shared setting to 'public' for example, does prevent accidentally over sharing with the wrong people so the extra clicks are not necessarily a bad thing.


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Re: Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

Hi Jamie

The section called Helpful Videos for New Users in the Training section of Box Community still has all the old videos.


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Re: Box Education - Have you made the move yet?

Correct and will remain so until the switch is made more widely.


To access the new resources Users need to click on Help and then select the appropriate experience, if you select the new UI this will then include the new videos which currently only appear in an associated article.


To access all the new user videos in one place click here.


Hope this helps!




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