API [Move Owned Items] - 504 Gateway Timeout after >60 seconds

When making the "Move Owned Items" API call, a 504 Gateway Timeout error can be returned after >60 seconds.




Any application making the "Move Owned Items" API call. This API call is most commonly used in applications for automated user deprovisioning.


API Reference - Move Owned Items

Box Java SDK - Move User's Folder


Steps To Resolve


If a 504 is returned, allow the transfer to continue until it is complete. Since most customers delete the users afterwards, Box recommends making the Delete User command after a set time interval versus waiting for a 200 status code from the Move Owned Items API call. The Delete command will succeed once the transfer has completed. If not, retry the Delete command again after some time.


Root Cause


The Move Owned Items call will return synchronously, which means that the call will not return a status code until the transfer is complete. If the call takes too long, typically after about a minute, the connection will be closed with a 504 Gateway Timeout. 

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